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Approved for All Ages


Inspired by the book of Job, Trust tells the story of Daniel Rainwater, an everyday guy whose life is falling apart. As his marriage to Sarah begins to crumble when he loses his job and he thinks that life couldn't get any worse, it does. Bitter toward God and going nowhere fast, Daniel must learn to trust God again before he loses it all for good. For Sarah, as tensions in the marriage rise, she falls out of love only to be confronted with whether she can still believe in her marriage and in hope once again. Meanwhile, their children, Lea and Jonah, are going through their personal journeys, with Lea having to learn to trust in her parents and Jonah having to overcome his individual fears. Trust asks the age-old question, "How do we trust God when life is falling apart?" The movie carries a thread of relevancy to everyone that no matter what you're going through, "Never give up on hope."
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Dove Review

Another frantic morning at the Rainwater household, and everyone’s schedules are thrown off by daylight savings time causing Daniel to be early for work and Sarah, his wife, early for her meeting. Daniel and Sarah, although well-meaning, are overworked, overbooked, and under-enthused. Their teenager Lea is angry, boy-crazed and rebellious. Their son Noah is shy, easily overlooked, and frequently bullied. Of course, Daniel and Sarah, who are caught up in careers and extracurricular activities, don’t much notice the issues facing their children—or marriage. All of that changes on this chaotic day, where everything that can go wrong in Daniel’s world, literally does. Within days, everything Daniel has will be taken away from him, leaving him wondering where God is and what He’s doing.

Daniel is rightfully and understandably devastated and disoriented—and angry with God. All the while, Daniel’s coworker and friend keeps reassuring him that God has a plan for all of it. Daniel finds that sentiment harder and harder to believe as things only get worse. However, Daniel’s heart starts to soften as he realizes he is in the midst of his very own “Job trial,” and the only way out is to trust God.

It’s not easy for him; there are many obstacles he and his family must overcome. But once Daniel is able to accept his own cup, release control and let God be God, restoration begins to take place.

Part Joshua and part Job, this story is almost laughably cruel (in the best way). Daniel skates by for so long, then is rudely awakened by all of these awful circumstances. But the beauty of it is that, had he not been, his life would have stayed in the awful state it was. He’s not there for his family, he’s at an unfulfilling job, in a pile of debt, and his marriage is nearly dead—in short, his priorities are skewed. Through these terrible things happening to him, Daniel is moved into position, exactly where—and who—he was made to be. As his buddy keeps reminding him, “It’s all a part of the plan.”

Ultimately, God’s plan will work out our lives far better than we can. It’s through those circumstances God is able to mold and shape us into the best version of ourselves. And although we may have difficulty accepting the process (just like Daniel), especially when it doesn’t make sense and it sometimes hurts, we can see just how God put all the pieces together when we experience the finished product.

Dove Take

Trust is a visual lesson for all ages to give God control and trust his plans, even if we may sometimes endure suffering. Although there are some slightly mature themes, Trust is a family-friendly film with a clear, simple, biblical message. The story presents itself respectfully without fluff or filler. Its message is presented in a way that is entertaining, sometimes humorous, and appropriate for all ages.

Trust has been awarded the Dove Approved All Ages Seal.

Dove Rating Details


A man learns to trust God during trying times.


Bullies push a child several times; a car wreck is shown, a man has mild bloody gashes and vomits.


Adultery is crucial to the story but it is not shown; a man implies his girlfriend will be moving in with him.




Bullies push a child several times; a car wreck is shown, a man has mild bloody gashes and vomits.


A man takes several prescription painkillers and attempts to take a handful (implying a suicide attempt); teens drinking at a party


A man's lower back is seen as he exits a pool; a teenage girl wears a short dress.



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