Snuggle, Sniggle and Sometimes Snickle

Snuggle, Sniggle and Sometimes Snickle


This engaging, fun story is a great example of the best kind of picture book: the kind that spotlights children’s imaginations over the things they love—in this case, snuggling. The imaginative story and wonderfully illustrated pages take your children on the perfect journey just before bed.

Dove Review

Snuggle, Sniggle, and Sometimes Snickle is an endearing story celebrating the practice of simple physical expressions of love. This is an ideal bedtime story, narrated by a young boy who deeply loves his parents and pets, that spreads warm feelings through its colorful illustrations and thoughtful plot. Tasteful humor, like the depiction of a frantic cat being enthusiastically cuddled, makes the book even more endearing. Snuggle, Sniggle, and Sometimes Snickle is great for children from 4-8 years old and parents looking for an excuse to snuggle their kiddos. awards Snuggle, Sniggle, and Sometimes Snickle the All Ages Seal of Approval.

The Dove Take

A cozy book about love and showing love, it is best read with a little one in your lap and arms. 0-12

Content Description

Faith: None.
Violence: None.
Sex: None.
Language: None.
Violence: None.
Drugs: None.
Nudity: None.
Other: None.


Genre: Children
Starring: Stephen John Spivey is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, writer, baseball card collector, Dada and husband. Stephen spent his youth growing up in Algiers, Louisiana, and Peachtree Corners, Georgia. Living in the South gave him a deep sense of wonder, where he learned to traipse through the woods in full exploration mode, always in hopes of grand discovery (think pirate treasure). These adventures, coupled with his mom's insistence that he read whenever he had a moment of pause, gave him a vivid imagination. Stephen's imagination, while getting him in all sorts of entertaining predicaments as a child, has given him the opportunity to be in the wonderful world of storytelling.
Reviewer: Sam K.