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The Ponysitters Club

Join Skye and her Ponysitter pals as they lend a helping hand with the care of horses, ponies and other cute and cuddly animals that come through the Rescue Ranch, all with different levels of care needs.
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The Ponysitters Club is a wholesome and story-focused television series about a rescue ranch for animals, and the characters are engaging and delightful. One of the main characters, Skye (Morgan Neundorf), loves working at the ranch with her mother, Billy (Madeline Leon), and her Grandpa (Hugh Wilson), a retired veterinarian. Skye’s dream is to one day be a veterinarian, and she’s certainly living in the right place for lots of good training and experiences. The locations of the series feature remarkable pastures, skylines, summer and winter scenes with glistening snow, and, of course, the animals themselves. One character, Shelby, rides horses professionally, and although she’s a bit of a snob, she loves the ranch and the other girls accept her for who she is. One boy, the quiet and artistically talented Ethan, helps out on the ranch.

There are 20 episodes in the season, and here are brief descriptions of each.

Episode 1: “The Ponysitters Club”

The new club is formed and features Skye, Olivia, Trish and the young artist Ethan. Skye falls for a new pony named Puzzle that is brought to the ranch. A strong theme of friendship is featured in this episode.

Episode 2: “Minni Mayhem”

Grandpa’s flapjacks are a hit at a fundraiser. But will it be ruined when Sky leaves a stall door open, and the miniature pony named Minni disappears? Being responsible is something kids and teens learn, and sometimes relearn again, and this episode focuses on a good example of the need to take responsibility and to learn to live with the consequences of failing to do so.

Episode 3: “Special Connection”

A reptile truck breaks down near the ranch, and the kids experience snakes, spiders, and turtles (oh my)! They learn that differences make the world go round as some of them love snakes but certainly not all of them do!

Episode 4: “Best Friends Forever”

As the kids make a video for their new web page, Isabella begins to fit in and becomes good friends with Skye, leaving a few of the girls jealous. Jealousy is ugly and the teens deal with it in this episode when Skye spends more time with newcomer Isabella than some of the rest of them.

Episode 5: “Pony Ride”

This episode is set at the local fair, and one of the main plots is that Skye is worried a man at the fair is being cruel to his animal. Is it true, and can it be proven? This episode is a good reminder that one needs to know all the facts before accusing someone of wrong doing.

Episode 6: “Team Work Trouble”

The girls face obstacles in reaching their goals, and they learn that teamwork is necessary, although not always easy. The point is well made in this show that smooth sailing is not always guaranteed, even when people work together.

Episode 7: “Fire Scare”

A fire near the ranch causes destruction, but an important question needs an answer: Did one of the family members at the ranch accidentally start the fire? Gathering facts and facing one’s fears are two nicely played themes in this moral story as someone that is suspected of starting a fire, actually didn’t do it.

Episode 8: “Riding School”

Shelby is asked to join another stable which has a great reputation. She jumps at the chance but then soon realizes that what she had at the old ranch with her friends might have meant more than she realized. The grass is not always greener on the other side and that lesson is portrayed in this particular episode.

Episode 9: “Pony Blues”

The donkey named Blue is brought to the ranch, and her former owner, a young man named Brandon, has a difficult time coping with the loss. Brandon experiences the divorce of his parents and an unlikely person, Shelby, opens up to him about her own experience with that painful reality. The pain of divorce is explored in this episode.

Episode 10: “Kyle’s Pony”

Wheelchair-bound Kyle, Olivia’s cousin, doesn’t let his lack of good legs slow down his ambition as he makes a fresh start and begins attending a new school. Change is a part of life but Kyle is a good example of facing life’s challenges head on.

Episode 11: “Recipe for Success”

Plans for Grandpa’s birthday celebration are put in motion, and Mom has a special recipe that will add nicely to the occasion. Plans don’t always go as–well, as planned, but a little creativity and imagination, not to mention persistence, can go a long way in turning life’s problems around.

Episode12: “A League of Their Own”

Puzzle the pony needs new equipment, but will a fundraiser have to be postponed? Rolling with the punches and finding a way to adjust to life’s difficulties are the lessons portrayed in this episode.

Episode13: “Miss Hilda Said So”

A commercial is to be made at the ranch, and Skye gets an opportunity to act in it. How will she do with this new experience? Trying new experiences are necessary in life, as this episode successfully demonstrates.

Episode14: “Talent Show”

Grandpa helps a sick horse as a talent show is planned. Who will win it? Caring for others, even animals, are an important part of life and is well presented in this show.

Episode 15: “Pet Adoption”

Kyle plans to adopt an animal, maybe a rabbit? Finding the right one proves to be more difficult than he thought, and what happens when only one animal is left to be adopted? Things have a way of working out, even when they don’t look like they are going to, and this episode does a remarkable job in making that clear.

Episode 16: “Ponysitters’ Holiday”

A Christmas episode with the snow to prove it! Mom deals with baking problems, and Grandpa can’t seem to get his voice-activated phone to work properly. Will a winter storm ruin everyone’s plans or actually be a blessing in disguise? Sometimes the plans that we made that don’t work out lead to…well, a better ending than what we thought!

Episode 17: “Spooky Story”

It’s Halloween, and jack-o-lanterns are lit up everywhere on the ranch. Will a scary story conjure up frightening images for the kids? This episode focuses on dealing with fears and having some fun along the way!

Episode 18: “Costume Party”

How come every time Skye talks about ghosts the lights flicker on and off? Is it Grandpa playing a trick? The kids have a good time with a costume content, but who wins? Competition can be good, and even fun, and this show makes that clear.

Episode 19: “Skye’s a Vet”

Skye gets an opportunity to help out a wounded animal, and her natural abilities remind her of what her true calling is. Everyone has talents but when one knows what his/her talent is, and actually pursues it, some wonderful things can happen as we learn by watching this episode.

Episode 20: “Spring of the Foal”

Cinnamon the horse is about to have a foal. The girls try to prepare as best they can for the big moment. It’s an exciting time that gets even better when Skye gets a nice surprise from her mom. This episode shows that sometimes life hands us some pleasant surprises, especially when we have been committed to family and hard work. We are delighted to award this wonderful and wholesome TV series our Dove-Approved All Ages Seal.

The Dove Take

This engaging series features strong family ties, loyalty, the value of hard work and the love of God’s creation and is worth every minute you spend watching it! It’s family friendly all the way!

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A Christmas song mentions sinners and what God has done; it appears that a cross is on a girl's Christmas sweatshirt.














Tension between a few characters; a few characters get abrupt with one another; a boy suffers the pain of his parents' divorce; a ghost story is told during the Halloween and fall season.

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