A World Away

A World Away


The lucky winners of a school raffle embark on an overnight field trip to the Grand Canyon, but when their plane takes an unexpected detour through a wormhole, six kids and their ex-military pilot find themselves no longer on planet Earth but a world away.

In order to get back, they’ll need to forge unlikely friendships, face their fears and trust a magic “source” capable of guiding them on an adventurous journey home. But it won’t be an easy journey home. Danger pushes the kids at every point as this adventure takes them places they never dreamed.

Dove Review

After the death of Carmen’s mother, she feels as though her father has been overly protective. Hidden away in their Wizards of Waverly Place fame is a wealthy man who sponsors a yearly trip for recently graduated 8th graders. When her dad offers her a chance to come along for the trip, Carmen jumps at the chance. Along for the ride is the popular mean girl, Jessica; an athlete named Matteo, some “nerds” and a boy unfortunately nicknamed “Teddy Bear.” This unlikely group sets to the skies for what promises to be a sweeping tour of the Grand Canyon. What no one sees coming is the other-worldly experience in store for them.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the group, Carmen is in possession of a mysterious crystal called “the source” which will lead them on a strange, whirlwind journey that will forever impact their lives. A World Away is kid-appropriate SciFi with a very important message. Without giving too much away, “the source” represents something much bigger, which families will love using as a teachable moment. This is an entertaining film with a cool story and interesting themes. It’s definitely a drama, as there are only a few small jokes here and there to speak of. But the film does touch on a lot of serious issues, like bullying, family problems, love and trust. A World Away is a peculiar film which also happens to be peculiarly good.

A World Away merits the Dove-Approved All Ages Seal.

The Dove Take

A World Away is a family-friendly, faith-friendly SciFi film with a great message and a unique story.

Content Description

Faith: While Christianity is not an explicit theme, the main component of the film is "the source," which one could interpret as a metaphor for Christ.
Integrity: Characters who each have their own flaws realize they need to change and come together for a common goal.
Sex: None
Language: OMG - 3; "shut up", "moron", "screwed"
Violence: There is a plane crash but nothing is shown and no one is hurt.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Aliens; some bullying from children and a teacher; a girl is rescued from drowning.


Company: Three Flames Pictures
Director: Mark Blanchard
Genre: Family
Runtime: 72 min.
Starring: Rowan Blanchard as Jessica, Nadine Velazquez as Lyra, Mary Lynn Rajskub as Principal Garcia, David DeLuise as Thomas Landry, Sal Landi as Arture, Landry Bender as Zoey, Carmen Blanchard as Carmen, Frank Lawrence Catania as Mateo, David Steem as Kem, Nathaniel J. Potvin as Henry, Daniel Jenks as Teddy, Shane Blanchard as Frankie, Riley Jackson as Heckler, Julian Grey as Danny, Alexa Khan as Captain, Maximilian Muench as Heckler, Genghis Khan N. Enrique as The Pilot, and Chika Nashiki as Navigator
Reviewer: Cammie H.