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I Hate Kids

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The idea of a father and son finding each other is lovely and Dove would have loved to have reviewed the movie minus the expletives and sexual innuendos and comments. However, it falls outside of our family-friendly parameters.
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Nick Pearson is a successful author, notable for his writings about how kids ruin relationships. He is about to settle down with his perfect mate. However, on the night of their rehearsal dinner, a 13-year old boy shows up, claiming to be his son.

The Dove Review

This film proves that, many times, something a person believes to be true really isn’t, and the person’s life is changed after becoming enlightened. Such is the story within this funny but racy movie, peppered with several innuendos, about a man named Nick. Nick Pearson (Tom Everett Scott) is the author of the book, I Hate Kids. He is marrying Sydney Bartlett (Rachel Boston), who also dislikes children. However, when Nick learns, via a psychic named Fabular (Tituss Burgess) that he is a father, he agrees to help his son, Mason (Julian Feder), find his mother.

The film features some nice moments, for example, when Nick learns that Mason is very much like him. And, despite his book’s vitriolic title, he finds that he likes Mason. The film incorporates some humorous moments in Nick and Mason’s journey to find Mason’s mother, including meeting some of Nick’s ex-girlfriends. The music and acting are fine in the picture. However, it shouldn’t be surprising that it incorporates several sexual innuendos and comments about Nick’s many conquests, not to mention the use of profanity. For these reasons, this unique film hasn’t earned our Dove Seal.

Dove Rating Details


Just a minister in the movie, who is scheduled to perform a wedding ceremony, and he gets drunk.


A woman slaps a man; a man shoots string at a man he is upset with; a woman uses a flamethrower to try to hit her ex-boyfriend but she misses him.


It is mentioned several times that a man had sex with several women around the same time, and he goes on a search to find the mother of his son; several sexual innuendos including a comment about "thrusting" and the song, "Deeper inside you"; a comment about where a man might have planted his "seed"; a "sexual conquests" comment; a minister confesses to spending a night with a woman; a couple kisses a few times.


For C*rist's sake-1; G/OMG-7; H-1; A-6; S-2; B-1; Uses of mild language.


A woman slaps a man; a man shoots string at a man he is upset with; a woman uses a flamethrower to try to hit her ex-boyfriend but she misses him.


Several drinking scenes including toasts (wine and bourbon are included); a minister gets drunk while drinking bourbon and he also chokes on a drink; a few comments about drinking including one about a "bourbon-induced nightmare"; cigarette smoking in a couple of scenes.


Cleavage in a few scenes


A couple of girls flip off a man; the mention of karma; several "psychics" are portrayed in the movie; tension between characters; it's mentioned a couple of times that a man had an image of Justin Timberlake tattooed on his rear.

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