Oh, The Bible, My Fatherland

Oh, The Bible, My Fatherland


The Dove Take

Here is a wonderful film that focuses on the power of God’s word for today’s society and its significant and life-changing power for a calming effect on a fast-paced generation.

Dove Review


Explore the passion for the Bible and the ways it affects lives all over in this award-winning documentary.

The Review

This fascinating documentary looks into the lives of the average man and woman and their spiritual hunger that only God can satisfy through scripture. The word of God is portrayed as bread and sustenance for the common man, and yet, the common man is the person God seeks for fellowship. Featuring several priests and ordinary, everyday people, they all speak of the help of God’s word in enlightening us. It is all nicely presented with the emphasis on God’s love for His creation. The reality of life’s struggles are mentioned; and yet, hope is offered in encountering God through the Bible.

Focusing on Luke 19 and the story of Zacchaeus, an average man who climbed a sycamore tree in order to get a glimpse of Jesus, the documentary portrays how Jesus ultimately came into his life. The parallels of this life journey, spiritually speaking, is powerfully examined. Various scholarly terms, such as “lectico,” meaning encountering God’s logic, as well as “medatatio,” meaning “meditation,” are examined in this remarkable documentary. Another word that is analyzed is “oratio,” meaning to give a testimony or to speak on God’s behalf. Becoming contemplative and calming down in this fast-paced society is another territory that is examined in the lives of men and women. The beautiful scenes in the film are breathtaking, such as one of the lush, green woods, beautiful flowers, and the soaring of an eagle in the sky.

The powerful impact of God’s word is clearly seen in this wonderful documentary. The wholesome pursuit by the people in this documentary easily merits our Dove-Approved Seal for All Ages, although very young children would find it to be over their heads.

Content Description

Faith: A strong faith message about looking daily into God's word.
Integrity: The need to follow God and to be baptized is examined.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: A girl is seen in shorts.
Other: The craziness of the world is reflected upon.


Company: Digital Media Rights
Writer: Mariola Klos
Director: Mariola Klos
Producer: Mariola Klos
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 59 min.
Reviewer: Ed C.