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Based on the Oddsockeaters books, this animated fantasy adventure is reminiscent of The Borrowers, but unique, updated and entirely creative.

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The Synopsis:

Ever wonder where your missing socks go? The Oddsockeaters eat them! Oddsockeaters are mischievous little creatures, unknown to humans, that are responsible for the odd sock that goes missing when you only have one left in a pair. Hugo is a small Oddsockeater venturing out into the big world for the first time. After moving in with his uncle Big Boss and his two nutty cousins, he encounters the professor, a human determined to proving the existence of Oddsockeaters and a crosstown gang of rival sock thieves called The Blades. Wild adventures ensue as Hugo learns the ropes of being an Oddsockeater as well as valuable lessons about family, love and the true meaning of loyalty, OddsockEaters is based on the international bestselling books by Pavel Šrut.

The Review:

If you’ve ever wondered where that sock disappeared (and who hasn’t?), delve into the world of Oddsockeaters, where fascinating, fuzzy creatures, though appearing like socks, survive on them. In this secret society, there are only two rules: only take one sock, and never get caught! Hugo is a kindhearted Oddsockeater who is thrown into a bitter rivalry after the passing of his grandfather. Hugo has always been taught to only take as many socks as he needs, but his uncle, Big Boss, feels quite the opposite. Big Boss and his crew have amassed a large collection of socks, dominating sock-eating territory of the area. When a rival gang rumbles into Big Boss’s territory, Hugo and his newfound cousins find themselves in grave danger. Hugo finds himself in the midst of a daring plot, fending for his own life while trying to help others.

This film is certainly, odd, but in the best way. Based on a series of books created by renowned Czech author Pavel Šrut, this animated fantasy adventure reminds me of The Borrowers, but unique, updated and entirely creative. Hugo’s search for family, the bittersweet themes of loss, and the overarching storyline of loyalty and bravery make this film not only interesting, but valuable. I particularly enjoyed Hugo’s own struggle for identity and how it was woven into the film. Are you who others perceive you to be, or can you be something more? Hugo is much braver, stronger, and valuable than anybody (including him) realizes.

The film does have some iffy bits, like Oddsockeaters pulling razor blades on other Oddsockeaters, and some slightly adult comments and themes here and there (see content descriptions), but the film’s interesting plot and creativity, in my opinion, make it an interesting watch. As always, use your own judgement and our provided ratings to make the best choice for your family. Overall, Oddsockeaters has many valuable lessons on respect, loyalty, courage and capabilities—testing your own, and valuing those of others.

For these reasons, Oddsockeaters is Dove-Approved for Ages 12+.

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Animated weapons such as razor blades and knives are used in a threatening way; a character is kidnapped; police shoot out a window; characters are beaten up.


A female sock tells a male sock he has a "sweet bod"; a female burlesque dancer can be seen dancing and removing her stocking in one scene.


"Fluff" is used as a substitute for the "F" word throughout the film (i.e. "What the fluff?" "I don't give a fluff.") Some characters are very harsh and make fun of/insult others—"idiot," "stupid," "moron," "hate."


Animated weapons such as razor blades and knives are used in a threatening way; a character is kidnapped; police shoot out a window; characters are beaten up.


"Fermented socks" are consumed, which has an alcohol-like effect; a bottle of whiskey is seen; a cop mentions a breathalyzer test and asks a character, "Have you been drinking?"




Hugo's grandfather is shown dying ("fading away") which may upset some children; Oddsockeaters are shown stealing throughout the film; a man says "thank you God, if you even exist"; some perilous situations.

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