As things start to unravel in Ryan’s (Stephen Baldwin) life, he is left feeling vulnerable, insignificant and wondering why. With his priorities on everything but God, he begins to isolate himself from those around him as his hardships multiply. In the midst of the big-picture perspective his struggles give him, God places people around him to help him more clearly understand the profound plan He has for our lives. He relearns how to truly rely on God through the suffering life brings and how to be confident in the intricate plan that threads together perfectly like a tapestry.

Dove Review

Tapestry admits, even to itself, that even the richest lives are vulnerable to great hardship. This certainly applies to Ryan’s (Stephen Baldwin) life when it seems, all at once, his life begins to unravel. Following the loss of his prominent job, his marriage and home life begin to gradually crumble. The strings along relevant themes of struggle and temptation make for a difficult but in-depth look as far as faith-based films go.

Although the film characterizes some of the people and situations in broad, black-and-white strokes, there is bravery to be recognized in the film to tackle these hard subjects. Further, the film does so in a way that is clean and largely approachable to audiences. Even then, as far as subject matter goes, too-young viewers may not fully be able to understand and respond to the events of the film. For this reason, the film is more appropriate to be Dove-Approved for Ages 12+.

The Dove Take

More raw than many faith-based films, Tapestry highlights a handful of stories that illustrate life’s hardships and the fruits of overcoming them. Lovers of Christian cinema will have lots of lessons to extract.

Content Description

Faith: God's presence is mentioned throughout, and acts of faith are produced.
Violence: Minor acts of aggression out of frustration
Sex: Kissing between couples; adulterous flirtations
Language: None
Violence: Minor acts of aggression out of frustration
Drugs: Wine seen in social situations
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Massive Film Project, Inc.
Director: Ken Kushner
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 98 min.
Reviewer: Rory P.