BOOK REVIEW: Button Willow: The Traveler

BOOK REVIEW: Button Willow: The Traveler


What if you could travel from one place and immediately appear somewhere else like Philip the Evangelist did? Clues in Ma’ma’s closet unravel a long line of travelers that have existed throughout the centuries. Button Willow, fueled by her imaginativeness, matures into such. The clues include a cave dweller named The Keeper (Earth’s last giant) who was entrusted with the powerful biblical artifacts as well as other important earthly relics. When Father Willow (a man with a photographic memory) releases Mother Willow (once a vibrant archeologist) to investigate the clues of the five sling stones of David, Mother frees The Keeper from a ruthless antiquity dealer, John Mean. But Mother is captured. Button struggles for reality while experiencing traveling and strong imaginativeness, but with visible spiritual intervention she races to save her Mother and the Keeper. Within the Keeper’s cavernous labyrinth, full of artifacts and traps set by him, Button encounters ancient supernatural relics and tools such as: the missing axe and the stick that makes it surface in water, the rope of the tabernacle, ancients forged weaponry of The Keeper’s ancestry, the rock of Horeb, etc., When all factions converge, Button battles Mean and his evil spiritual armada with the principalities and powers of God and her traveling ability. Dismissing her unbelief and gathering her new-found faith, Button wins. Afterward, she whooshes her family home by traveling and they’re left wondering who will be their next captive that they will set free.

Dove Review

Button Willow: The Traveler is a whirlwind of a read. Narrated by a supernatural being, there’s action, the supernatural, biblical references, danger, humor, and imagination. At the turn of a page, the story can shift the reader’s perspective. One is swept from the home of the hero, Button, to the Mediterranean, to different years in history. It’s exciting, fun, and has much packed into its pages, including themes of faith and the spiritual. It’s so much, that it may even be a bit of an effort for some readers to keep it all straight. At times, the book seems almost as if it were a theme park with a message, with the narrator leading the reader from scene to scene, presenting ideas and dazzling with thrills. It’s fun, and you get your ticket’s worth, but you also may get a bit dizzy.

As we may read in the book, “…God is the origin of supernatural power,” and there is certainly much of the supernatural. Faith is important in the story, and the focus is more on the positive, even when dealing with supernatural evil and violence. The dark spirituality and the violence are a concern, and readers should be ready for a character’s possession, fighting, guns, and much danger. The content and the more complicated narrative mean that this may be better for older readers.

For readers ready for the content, Button Willow: The Traveler is exciting and filled with positivity. approves it for Ages 12+.

The Dove Take:

Adventure and the supernatural are together in this rapid-paced and entertaining read.

Content Description

Faith: The story has faith as a major emphasis, and the spiritual impacts much; “…God is the origin of supernatural power.”; prayer; “…the embracing of faith in His Son.”; talk of God; worship; hope; “righteous anger”
Integrity: Characters seek to do what is good, even when there is danger; the significance of family; redemption.
Sex: Married couples show affection, e.g. embrace
Language: “Heaven forbids”; “wimpiest”
Violence: There is much action, fighting, and combat, yet, in a way that is more comic book, rather than realistic; guns and shooting; explosives; injured characters; there is a scene that depicts the Lincoln assassination; a woman is tazered; danger, “die violently”; “interrogation” that sounds unpleasant; Joan of Arc is mentioned, as well as how she burned; vipers are “exterminated.”
Drugs: A giant drinks rum, because he has limited options for nourishment, and gets drunk; “drunken stupor”; “seemingly inebriated”; mention of a pub
Nudity: Mention of a swimsuit and an undergarment
Other: There is much supernatural content in the book, which includes some that is dark and evil, but it is presented as evil and not glorified; a character is possessed by demons (the demons do not stay); there are descriptions of supernatural darkness; “Spiritual Warfare”; “Pagan gods” are mentioned; talk of death and a person missing; a character has a scary time in the water; a character lies; stealing; a woman has a bet; a character’s voice is “like he had just begun puberty”; practical jokes; “vapors”; a character belches.


Company: BK Wells Enterprises, LLC
Writer: Kim P. Wells
Genre: Fantasy
Reviewer: John P.