The Adventures of Jubeez: Kid Boss

The Adventures of Jubeez: Kid Boss


Jubeez is a chubby, Hispanic, 12-year-old boy, who is a self-described “Kid Boss.” His pridefulness grows daily in
relationship to his skyrocketing profit margins. His world is an “International Candy Zoo Business” he grows
through selling his unique candy “product” at school. He has a deal with his mom and the middle school principal. If he gets any bad grades, zeroes, or gets into any trouble – his business gets closed down for good. His ultimate desire is to follow in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, who were successful businessmen, and feel a sense of belonging to the family and family lineage.

Dove Review

The Adventures of Jubeez: Kid Boss is a movie that contains a great message: fear can be overcome with God’s help. The film features inspiring and uplifting songs. One of them, near the conclusion of the movie, is the theme of the film: “I’m No Longer a Slave to Fear.” And “God of Creation” is another fantastic and faith-based song which places importance on recognizing God in one’s life.

Jubeez is 12 and calls himself “Kid Boss.” He is a businessman with big plans for the future. However, he sometimes gets into trouble by the things he says and, at school once, for not being prepared for a dance for the talent show rehearsal. When he is sent to a school administrator by his teacher, he replies, “Whatever.” He believes in God but sometimes struggles with his faith and fear. At the beginning of the movie he is shirtless and looks into the mirror and tells himself, “You’re wonderfully made”, which is a passage from the Bible. In fact, his entire family, including his mother and stepfather love to talk about God and His word. His biological father died while traveling to Romania on a business trip, and Jubeez wants to be a businessman like his dad. In fact, he says he would rather be respected than loved. But one senses he really needs the love. In one funny scene, the dad is talking about spiders and states a certain male spider makes its way to a female spider (to mate), and when one person doesn’t understand what he means, she’s told they do so “to have a Bible study!”

This movie is unique; I can’t think of anything else like it I have seen. Jubeez and some of his family has an off-beat sense of humor. For example, Jubeez is nicknamed Jubes but the family learns this is a Jewish slang word for a woman’s breasts. And one of Jubeez’ friends tells him of another “bible” which contains spells and curses. He and Jubeez call each other “hypocrite” but eventually the story refocuses on the family’s belief in God and the Holy Spirit. When Jubeez is scared, a relative gives him a scripture which he says “is a dud” that didn’t help, but she gives him another one and he feels better. When Jubeez goes on a trip into the forest with his family he faces some fearful moments but learns that God does not want him to fear. And his stepdad, Reno, becomes like a father to him. There are some touching scenes in the film, such as when Jubeez’ mother and her mother forgive one another for an old spat between the two, and the grandmother returns to live with the family. Also featured is Jubeez’ aunt, Arianna, who takes a girl named Zoe on a “faith walk,” blindfolding her in the woods and leading her down a path simply by her voice, to teach her to trust “the voice” of God.

We are awarding this film our Dove Seal for Ages 12+. It has a few moments of disrespect from Jubeez toward his mother and teacher, and the boy talking about casting spells. But the inspiration of the family’s faith in God and the beautiful spiritual songs in the film are positive and wonderful moments. Also, it contains a line which I loved: that God is the “CEO of the universe!”

The Dove Take

Enjoy this off-beat and different family movie with songs that will make your spirit soar!

Content Description

Faith: God and the Bible are referred to and several Christian songs are featured.
Integrity: The family wants to do what is right; a mother and daughter forgive each other over a disagreement.
Sex: A parent who is a teacher is tempted by a pretty student that likes him, but he resists the temptation. Part of the scene is played for laughs because as the girl leaves, he says, "Away devil child, away!" A wife smacks her husband on the behind.
Language: Several uses of "OMG"; some as a prayer which includes, "Jesus, help me"; mild language such as "sucker," "punk" and "crappy."
Violence: A kid is shoved.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Cleavage
Other: A boy talks about casting a spell from a book he has, even though he is a Christian; two boys argue; a boy shows disrespect toward his mother and teacher; a boy says one scripture is a "dud" and that it didn't help but he likes the next one better and is rid of his fear.


Company: L&G Productions
Producer: Jewels Rio
Genre: Family
Runtime: 90 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Ed C.