DVD Release: March 22, 2019


In a world where vehicles are citizens, one underdog cabbie attempts to become king of the road in his hometown, Gasket City. But Wheely, as he is known, soon discovers that staying true to oneself is a greater pursuit than personal glory. When threatened by elitist attitudes and mobster trucks, can one unglamorous black and yellow “local zero” rise to the challenge and become a “global hero”?

Dove Review

Wheely is a delightful, fast-paced, hilarious story that features some unforgettable characters, like Wheely himself, a race car, and the female car he falls for, Bella. Ogie Banks gives Wheely a distinctive voice. The film features a repair vehicle, Put Put, that uses the catch-phrase, “Slap my face!” Unfortunately, one vehicle takes him seriously in one scene! You’ll see how the humor is plentiful in this fun-to-watch family film when one scene at the drive-in theater shows the cars watching Car Wars!

Then there is Ben, Bella’s boyfriend, a no-good-car that doesn’t really care about Bella, even though he plans to propose to her. But the chemistry between Wheely and Bella is undeniable, and part of the plot focuses on the fact that they should really be together. But will it turn out that way? Another nice feature of the film is some great one-liners.

After Wheely goes into the river, he winds up getting a new paint job as a taxi and begins to work as one. Wheely promised his mama he would stop racing but he can’t seem to let the urge go. This wonderful film deals with important themes, such as the need to develop your talent, the need to find the right significant other in one’s life, and also the need for determination to successfully navigate the “roads” of life.

Another plot involves a truck and some vehicles that are “car-napping” (stealing) other cars to sell. Will they be stopped? The memorable characters in this movie fortunately include honest and ethical characters that want to help stop this illegal car-napping plan and release those that have been taken. Wheely learns that when the ones he loves are beside him, he can do anything he sets his mind (engine?) to. The content features several car crashes and an explosion and a building on fire, but this is a fantasy movie which most kids—and even some adults—will love. We are pleased to award it our Dove Seal for All Ages, as none of the crashes are graphic or gratuitous.

The Dove Take

Kids everywhere will love Wheely! It is filled with action, memorable characters, and a happy ending. What’s not to like?

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: There are police cars and other cars that want to follow the law and do the right thing.
Sex: Two cars, a male and a female, kiss.
Language: "Holy!..." (Nothing else said).
Violence: Several car crashes and collisions; a few cars go off into the river but are okay; a few explosions; a building is seen on fire.
Drugs: A "special" premium gasoline is consumed and the cars are excited, acting like it is alcohol.
Nudity: None
Other: A few cars are "snarky" in their comments and attitudes; there is a "car napping" ring in which cars are stolen; a car proposes to a female car who he is not really in love with, but he has an ulterior motive; a car lies to his mama but then apologizes; some cars break the speed limit; the sound of "car flatulence".


Company: Blue Fox Entertainment
Writer: Keith Brumpton, Yusry A. Halim and Peter Hynes
Director: Carl Mendez
Producer: Archie Nasution
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 90 min.
Industry Rating: G
Reviewer: Ed C.