Theatrical Release: March 22, 2019


The Dove Take:

This violent doppelgänger horror is intriguing, thoughtful, and bloody.

Dove Review

The Synopsis:

A mother and father take their kids to their beach house, expecting to enjoy time with friends, but their serenity turns to tension and chaos when some visitors arrive uninvited.

The Review:

Us has craftsmanship. It is horrific, but it is made intentionally and thoughtfully. And it’s with confidence that the film has humor (though sometimes dark) that strengthens the impact of the experience. It progresses the interest—and unsettling intrigue—from the home invasion at night to the sun-filled streets. After all, if characters aren’t safe in their homes, where can they go?

There’s a nuance and complication to some of the morality and spirituality portrayed which also adds a layer of intrigue. Recall the shark in Jaws that is portrayed as the blatantly bad antagonist, so the audience roots for the heroes to defeat it without changing opinion. Similarly, Dracula may pretend to be a gentleman, but we cheer for Van Helsing to serve him a well-done stake with a side of garlic, sentiment sustaining. And while we might root and cheer for certain characters throughout Us, once we understand more during the film’s end, audiences may interpret, or reinterpret, what they just saw in various ways. It may not be as straightforward as one thinks.

Us has the potential to unsettle, upset and disturb, as well as intrigue, entertain and impress. Individuals will need to determine if they should get within reach of its sharp cinematic scissors.

There is graphic, brutal violence, blood, negativity, darkness, language and more. Us is not Dove-Approved.

Content Description

Faith: There is a reference to Scripture, and other potentially spiritual dialogue/things, but it isn’t necessarily positive, depending on interpretation. There is enough complication, and darkness/evil, in the mix to nuance a straightforward, positive, interpretation; The Scripture reference for Jeremiah 11:11 is seen on a sign (which some may consider rather dark); mention of being “tested by God”; a character says that “God brought us together that night”; “I saw God”; “I found my faith”; mention of soul
Integrity: Characters seek to be brave, and fight the forces that get in their way (but some of the morality may be complicated); a family works as a team, even though they may argue.
Sex: A couple kiss; some suggestive talk; a man lies in bed in a sexually suggestive position.
Language: J/JC-4; H-1; A, and variations-3 B-S; S, and paired with other words-8; F-9; G/OMG-7; GD-3; sucks; a kid says “Kiss my an*s”; The title and song "F--- tha Police" by N.W.A. is heard, as well as some of the song’s strong vocabulary (including the N word); a yacht’s name is a joke about the word B; wh*re
Violence: Much graphic violence; home invasions; blood and the sound of it gurgling; fighting; stabbing; a character is dragged through shattered glass; a character is chopped up on a boat motor; a woman slices her face with scissors; a character is impaled; a character chokes and breaks another character’s neck; a flare gun is shot at someone; people talking about their individual “kill count,” meaning who’s killed more; talk of people eating rabbits, and characters are later seen eating rabbits.
Drugs: Drinking, and talking/joking about drinking; a character talks about smoking, and a pack of cigarettes is seen; mention of a song being about drugs, and another character says that it isn’t, but that it’s a “dope song”
Nudity: Swimsuits; a man is in his boxers and a sweatshirt; short shorts.
Other: Dark and possibly disturbing elements/content; characters think a girl has been traumatized; arguing; some characters are mean or unpleasant; characters take a dead family’s car; a sign has a shaman, and later, a wizard; an image of a racial stereotype


Company: Monkeypaw Productions
Writer: Jordan Peele
Director: Jordan Peele
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 116 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: John P.