Pondemonium 2

Pondemonium 2


Join the inhabitants of the most magical place in the forest: the Marsh! Jump into the Marsh and into a world of adventure!

Dove Review

Pondemonium 2 is a marvelous follow-up to the first amazing animated story, titled Pondemoniun: The Movie. This film, rather than consisting of several individual episodes, is a continuing story, focusing mainly on Joe Croaker, the frog, and his friend Cosmo, a fly. Joe’s unforgettable silly laugh and his impulsive ways contrast with Cosmo, the levelheaded one in the friendship. Joe gets into trouble time and time again; at the onset of the movie he accidentally sticks his head through a lollypop and has a difficult time getting out of it. Later, he eats a fish with the lower half of its body being bones that get stuck in his throat. He just can’t seem to stop getting into one predicament after another.

The movie contains several pratfalls, and Joe’s bumbling antics always seem to get him in a jam. Of course there are other delightful characters in the film, including a female spider that sings about Spider-man and a snail with a Scottish accent. Joe’s interaction with the other interesting characters is a delight, especially when he needs their help to get out of trouble.

The movie incorporates vivid colors, rich characters, funny scenes, and the loyalty of friends to provide a family-suitable adventure, which is why we are awarding our Dove-Approved for All Ages Seal. Other than a few pratfalls and characters slamming into things or falling, the content is very wholesome.

The Dove Take

This wonderful adventure will delight the entire family, especially the kids. Could Pondemonium 3 be a possibility? We sincerely hope so!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: Some of the characters help one another and want to do the right thing.
Sex: None
Language: Fool-1; Loser-1
Violence: Pratfalls and physical violence played for laughs such as a character falling into the water and slamming into walls; a character slaps another one with a leaf; a few accidents including a car crash
Drugs: Beer bottle caps are seen in the weeds.
Nudity: None
Other: Tension between a few characters; a few characters disagree with one another.


Company: Ruthless Studios
Writer: Zhe Hou
Director: Zhe Hou
Producer: Ming Li
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 75 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Shea Alexander, Rick Jay Glen, Paul 'Maxx' Rinehart
Reviewer: Ed C.