Alan and the Fullness of Time

Alan and the Fullness of Time


Alan Wohlman and a small circle of believers race the clock and government corruption as he struggles to understand the calling on his life that could ultimately lead to the end of times and the spread of the Gospel.

Dove Review

This imaginative movie captures your attention as it educates and makes you think! The Bible speaks of future persecution during the end times, and this story focuses on that with a government that is determined to rid the world of Christianity and its followers!

A young man named Alan has been protected by his dad Tim, mother Carrie and his entire family. And Alan hasn’t always understood their protective ways. To the teens at his school, he is a do-good dull person, who doesn’t drink or do drugs as some of them do. Alan resents his parents, but when tragedy strikes, his outlook changes. He slowly learns that his parents and others have been involved in protecting him because God has a plan to use him in a mighty way. And he also learns that God can do some amazing things when people follow Him.

Solid acting and the suspenseful story help propel this film forward to its surprising and hopeful end. One of its themes is religious freedom, certainly a timely topic in today’s world.

The movie portrays a bleak and dark future world, but if offers the hope that God gives in His word, not to mention the comfort His followers can give to one another. The film contains drinking and smoking and some mild violence so we are awarding it our Dove Seal for ages 12+.

The Dove Take

This movie makes a powerful statement–that hope is always kept alive as long as someone believes to see the light of God in the face of the darkness.

Content Description

Faith: There are people who are willing to die for their faith; the Bible and gospel are mentioned.
Integrity: There are people who want to do the right thing and live for God and protect other Christians.
Sex: None
Language: O/G as a prayer; OMG-1; "frickin'"-1; "stupid parents"-1; "wuss"-1; "shut up"-1; "bull crap"-1; "screwed over" comment.
Violence: People are shot by tyrannical government agents; man seen with blood on mouth after being shot; people die from being shot; rifles held on people and they are threatened; punching
Drugs: Teen drinking; shot glass comment; a comment about getting high; a "druggies" comment; cigarette smoking
Nudity: None
Other: Christians are persecuted and are considered foolish; strong tension between characters;


Company: Heaven Bound Films
Producer: Chase Crawford
Genre: Action
Runtime: 82 min.
Starring: Brooks Harvey, Lucas Bentley, Dave Moak, Brittany Picard, Kristina Ives, and John Calhoun with Samantha Russell
Reviewer: Ed C.