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Palau: The Movie

This is the true story of a man who was born in a small town of Argentina, committed his whole life to the works of the Lord and embarked on an incredible journey, becoming one of the greatest evangelists in history.The legacy of Luis Palau and what God can do with a willing heart will inspire people of faith for generations.

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Dove Review

Palau:The Movie is one of the rare movies that does an incredible job of taking the viewer back to a different time period and bringing the story to life in a rich manner. Featuring solid acting with Gaston Pauls as Luis Palau and Alexandra Bard as his wife Patty, the clothes, the sets, and the occasional use of archive footage go a long way in helping the viewer take a journey to the past to witness the call of God on young Luis from his native Argentina. We see the influence of his father, Luis, Sr., who dies at a young age but lived long enough to instill a thirst for the Lord in his son’s life.

From the early days of being raised in poverty, with his mother struggling to pay the bills, to his interest in listening to Billy Graham on the radio, all of the foundations of the future world evangelist are set in place. He deals with Marxist and Socialist movements, political unrest, and learns to witness for Christ one-on-one and on the streets. He learns to walk by faith and realizes one day that it is not about what he can bring to God—his talents and abilities—but what God can do “through him.”

The story is nicely told, written well and the viewer will truly feel as if he has entered the past. The amazing trails which life can lead us down are clearly seen when Luis and Patty sit at a table eating lunch with Billy Graham. Eventually the doors open for Luis to have a major crusade in his homeland of Argentina, and he jumps at the chance. Gaston Pauls does an excellent job in portraying Luis Palau’s sense of urgency to reach his people with the love of God and to offer his conflict-ridden people hope.

This movie is, overall, a wholesome experience with just a few scenes of cigarette smoking and archive footage of fires ablaze as well as one scene of a woman with a bloody lip from having been struck. Although it will be above the level of the very young, this is a viewing experience to be shared with the entire family, and we are awarding it our Dove Seal for All Ages. Its presentation of overcoming challenges, retaining one’s convictions, and moving forward following setbacks are commendable attributes of the film. It shows what a man who wants to follow God can accomplish.

The Dove Take

This movie sheds light on the life of a man who was and is still a witness to the Light of the World. It’s a viewing experience that will not soon be forgotten!

Dove Rating Details


There are people featured in the film that go by their convictions and make a strong stand for the gospels; a few scriptures are quoted.


Several characters are people of integrity and want to help others and do the right thing.


A husband and wife kiss; one woman says she didn't "respect herself" with men, implying she was sexually active.




Comments about a revolution of Marxism and Socialism; fires are seen ablaze and police have people move back and away in certain scenes; a woman shows up with a bloody lip from having been struck.


A few scenes feature a character holding and then smoking a cigarette; a photo of a man with a cigarette in his mouth


A brief glimpse of a woman in a short dress


Comments about atheism, Marxism and socialism; tension and disagreements between some characters

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