Free Willy 3:The Rescue

Theatrical Release: August 19, 1997
DVD Release: August 19, 1997
Free Willy 3:The Rescue


The water is wide off the coast of the Pacific Northwest, the blue-green sea seeming to stretch out beyond the end of the horizon. The sunlight refracts off of the rocking waves, broken occasionally by the surfacing of a pod of Orca whales. But there are watchers here, and danger awaits the animals in this haven of nature. Again, the Orcas surface. A cacophony of shouts erupts, the scream of racing engines and scraping metal as the boats are brought around within firing range. A shower of harpoons peppers the churning waters, turning the blue-green ocean cloudy with dark red. The water’s surface is broken again as the still whales are hauled in and tethered to the sides of the boats. The whalers turn for home, leaving no trace of the slaughter except the dissipating cloud of murky water, the secrets swallowed by the rolling blue-green seas. It is into these troubled waters that Willy, the beloved Orca of two previous motion picture adventures, brings his pod for the summer and it will take everything conviction and courage, the might of friendship and, ultimately, the power of love – to save Jesse’s remarkable friend.

Dove Review

Willy’s friends prevent whalers from slaughtering orcas. Beautiful scenery and presents both sides of the hunting of whales. Life lessons about friendship, family love and doing the right thing. However, disturbing ending with the father put in danger, implying the whale’s life is more important than man’s.

Content Description


Company: Warner Home entertainment
Genre: Adventure
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright