Theatrical Release: December 2, 1997
DVD Release: December 2, 1997


Professor Phillip Brainard (ROBIN WILLIAMS) is a man so lost in thought that he appears, at times, not to pay attention. He’s even forgotten two dates to marry his sweetheart Sara (MARCIA GAY HARDEN). But then this guy’s got a lot on his mind. He’s working with his high-voltage, over-amorous flying robot assistant, WEEBO, on an idea for a substance that’s not only a revolutionary new source of energy, but may well be the salvation of his financially troubled Medfield College, where his beloved Sara is the president.

Late on the afternoon of his third attempt at a wedding, all of Professor Brainard’s hard work in the lab comes together when he creates a miraculous goo that when applied to any object – cars, bowling balls, even people – enables them to fly through the air at remarkable speeds. The stuff defies gravity and looks like rubber. What is it? Flubber! And it’s back in an updated version of the 1961 Disney classic, “The Absent-Minded Professor.”

Dove Review

Remake of a Disney classic about an absent minded professor discovering a new energy source. After a slow start, Mr. Williams version kicks in. Lots of laughs for young and old.

Content Description

An art class with a nude models (nothing visible to the audience), a couple scenes may frighten very little ones due to a fast paced out of control rubber substance flying through neighborhood homes, and a bowling ball falling on the comic villain’s head; the professor puts the flubber on the shoes of the losing basketball team - excuse me, but isn’t that cheating? - Oh well, so long as you get a laugh, right? Disney does the same in several underdog movies such as "Angeles In The Outfield", there we see Angeles helping an incompetent team beat real athletes. Yes, it’s only a movie, but there’s enough people in this world - including many high paid athletes - teaching kids that sportsmanship really means win at all costs. Shouldn’t movie makers be responsible for the lessons they teach little ones? Excuse me, what was I thinking?


Company: Buena Vista Home Video
Genre: Comedy
Industry Rating: PG
Starring: Robin Williams
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright