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Approved for All Ages

The Happy Camper

When Dillon’s love life falls apart she returns to her grandfather’s farm in Colorado, where she works with Jordan, a handsome hardware store owner, to restore a vintage 1960s travel trailer, and along the way, finds new love.

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Dove Review

**This review is contributed by Super Channel—a channel dedicated to providing integrity and accountability in today’s entertainment.

Novel and teleplay by Melody Carlson … and when a production company picks your novel to make into a movie, the viewer knows instantly the story will be a hit!  Filmed in the beautiful state of Colorado with amazing cast and a heartwarming love story, this movie is Dove approved for all ages!

Dillon Michaels (Daniela Bobadilla) is stood up on a dinner date by Brandon (Keir Kirkegaard) her long-time and lifetime-to-be partner.   She is mystified and puzzled to find him shredding office documents as he bluntly tells Dillon her ideas are not working and the staff is all on a leave of absence.  However, he is off to find new investors and their future is “just around the corner”…

Dillon is devastated and confused by Brandon’s actions, when she gets a call from Margot (Jenna Hawkins), her mother, with whom she has a frosty relationship.  Dillon tells her clearly, she needs to earn the title of “mom” because she is just Margot and comes up as “unknown” on Dillon’s phone.

But Grandpa (James Eckhouse)  could use a visit so this might be a good time for a road trip to Colorado after all.  Arriving in Silverdale, she meets Jordan (Beau Wirick), an old Grade 2 schoolmate.  Grandpa is so happy to see her!  But … Margot has moved back to the farm and is determined to start over.

As Dillon reminisces with her Grandpa, she talks about how Margot left her and now acts as though nothing happened.  Dillon is not forgetting the hurt.  So,  when Grandpa offers her his old camper trailer, Dillon is excited to remodel it as her own space and a “do-over” of her life.

Jordan offers to help and as they work together they are having fun preparing for the upcoming vintage camper competition.  When Brandon arrives unexpectedly, Dillon is shocked, and Jordan is confused.

As Brandon attempts to woo Dillon into coming back to the city with him for his own selfish reasons, Dillon realizes where her roots are meant to be and must make some difficult decisions in the hope that they will take her heart to the happy place she is meant to be, and perhaps find an unexpected love in the process.

The Dove Take

“… don’t you know your life is what you make it … ”  words from a country song in the movie that leaves the door wide open to allow, and accept, second, third, and fourth chances until you find peace in your life, and remembering that to find total peace of heart, family may need forgiveness, too.

Dove Rating Details


Dillon talks about “God has a life for us, after our losses…” as she attempts to give her mother a second chance.


Margot sincerely apologizes for abandoning Dillon; Dillon takes a big step and accepts her part in the rebuilding of the relationship with her estranged mother; Jordan is loyal and trustworthy;  Grandpa is caring and truly supportive of his granddaughter whom he raised and helps Dillon to accept her mother’s efforts.


Gentle kisses and hugs.






Wine with friends; no abuse of alcohol or unruly behavior.





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