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Approved for 12+

Heaven Sent

Elise, a grandmother hurt by her past, and Patrick, a widowed pastor, have closed the door on love. But with faith and a little help from technology, will their live-streamed romance find a way?

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Dove Review

Heaven Sent is a funny romantic story about two lonely people in their golden years who find one another. Karen Abercrombie (War Room) stars as Elise, a woman who has raised her grandson following her son’s tragic death in Afghanistan. Her grandson, Derek (Jemarcus Kilgore), is 19. Elise runs a store called the Moxie, which features essential oils, and various products designed to enhance meditation and relaxation. She is good friends with Pam (Charlene Tilton), and they meditate together.

The movie also stars Leon Pridgen as Pastor Patrick Briggs, and he ducks into the Moxie to avoid his ex-sister-in-law Nadine, and he meets Elise there. They wind up going out together and they experience romantic sparks.

Unbeknownst to them, Elise’s grandson, Derek, has an online streaming show which revolves around his grandmother, and he soon is featuring his grandmother’s romance with Pastor Patrick online. When Elise finds out, she is furious. To add to her troubles, Patrick’s ex-sister-in-law shows up at his house. It seems her sister died five years before, and she feels that Patrick is her only remaining link to her sister. She doesn’t want him to move forward with Elise, and when she places a kiss on his cheek, Elise sees it, as she just pulled up in her car. Not knowing the situation, she decides she must put Patrick and their relationship in her rear-view mirror.

Despite some of the serious plotlines, there are several scenes which feature really funny moments. In one scene, a woman that Pastor Patrick is counseling mentions her husband’s wake to him. “Your husband is still alive!” he reminds her. “That was my other husband!” she replies. And, in another scene, Pastor Patrick tries on some of Elise’s essential oils, only to learn it is meant as a flea repellant to dogs! And a guy shows up at a speed dating night, thinking it was bingo night. He decides to stay anyway! And, to top it off, one man shows up at the speed dating night, dressed in a mask and cape as a superhero! It’s not clear if he lands a date or not. In addition, watching Patrick try to learn how to eat noodles with chopsticks is comedic and will elicit some belly laughs.

The movie features a nice balance between serious issues and some lighter moments. And some energetic, peppy music is included during some of the scenes.

CONTENT ANALYSIS: The content is wholesome overall. It features a few kissing scenes, and one character comments, regarding a certain situation, “When Hell freezes over.” A young man shows videos of his grandmother dating without her knowing, but this is eventually resolved. The film also features a young, married couple who need marital counseling.

THINK ABOUT IT: There are some very nice discussion moments in the film, including the topic of forgiveness, which Elise and her grandson Derek must find if their relationship is to continue. And how to navigate misunderstandings is another important element in the movie. Also, another good parent-child discussion point is the importance and the need for honesty in a relationship, as Derek is not upfront with his grandmother for a time.

The film has earned our Dove seal for Ages 12+, due to its more sophisticated themes of romance and troubles in paradise. Yet it showcases nicely that true love can triumph, and that God has a plan for our lives.

THE DOVE TAKE: This humorous comedy is crowned with great, lively church scenes, and nicely illustrates that God is the one to turn to in all life situations.

Dove Rating Details


Several times the Lord is mentioned, and a woman renews her commitment to God; there are some lively praise services in a local church.


A man realizes he has stepped over the line concerning his grandmother’s privacy, and he apologizes; a couple work through their marital difficulties, realizing the importance of their vows; a dating couple rests in separate recliners, to keep their relationship pure.


A few couples briefly kiss; when some people see a couple kiss online, they text, “Get a room!”


A comment of “When Hell freezes over,” referring to the place and is not used as a curse word.




Some wine is seen at a couple’s table.


Mild cleavage.


Strong tension between a few characters; a woman suggests she is her ex-brother-in-law’s girlfriend, when it’s not true, but she later apologizes for the deceit; a couple undergo marital counseling.

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