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Good Sam

When intrepid New York City TV news reporter Kate Bradley (Tiya Sircar) is assigned a story about a mysterious good Samaritan who keeps leaving $100,000 cash gifts on citizens’ doorsteps around the city, she’s sure there’s a catch. Kate sets out to identify the anonymous good Samaritan, aka Good Sam, and his/her true motives. As news of Good Sam sweeps across the country and the pressure mounts to uncover the truth, Kate is drawn down a surprising path that flips both her career and personal life upside down. As Kate unravels the surprising reasons behind the mysterious cash gifts, she opens her heart to a new love and the hope that selfless good is all around.

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Dove Review

Good Sam is…well, a good movie! The story is fascinating and inspiring. An unknown person begins leaving bags with $100,000 in cash at the doorsteps of various people; some have immediate needs, like a man who had to get food from a food bank in order to survive, and a doctor with a great income but who is raising funds for pancreatic cancer. Who is this mystery person? The idea behind the name Good Sam implies that the person is certainly a “good Samaritan.”

Enter Kate Bradley (Tiya Sircar), a TV reporter assigned to the story. She doesn’t want this particular assignment, but she soon becomes intrigued and fascinated as she digs deeper into the mysteries of Good Sam. She becomes interested in a firefighter named Eric Hayes (Chad Connell), who saves lives almost every day, But soon, Jack Hansen (Marco Grazzini), a friend of her father, moves in and asks her out to dinner. Will it become a triangle? One thing Kate knows is that Good Sam, whoever he is, is inspiring others to do good deeds. One woman who was helped with $100,000 turns around and helps buy a car for a neighbor who has no transportation. The man helped by a food bank, in turn, donates a large sum of money to his local food bank. As Kate puts it in one of her reports, Good Sam’s giving seems to be contagious.

This movie features an interesting plot and enough mysteries to keep the viewer curious and watching. The actors are all excellent and the editing is tight, allowing the story to flow nicely. It contains one use of strong language which is why we are recommending it for ages 12+. However, parents should consult the content listing as they may be fine with kids a bit under 12 watching as it does inspire the thought of helping others and is basically a wholesome film.

The Dove Take The viewer will not only take away a good story from this movie but probably some inspiration too!

Dove Rating Details


The mention of a woman attending church and people helping one another


A man almost falls off a scaffold but is rescued.


A couple kiss a few times.


"Da*mit"-1; "Oh, Lord"


A man almost falls off a scaffold but is rescued.


A few scenes of drinking wine with a meal




Tension between a few characters; one character has a scheme that benefits himself; a man grieves for his deceased brother.

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