Root of the Problem

Root of the Problem


At first glance, Paul and Grace have normal, even enviable, lives. But Paul is mired in an unfulfilling lifestyle, and Grace carries secrets even her husband doesn’t know. It’s not until Grace’s uncle John passes away that they get a chance to turn everything around, and it all begins with an unlikely gift left to them in Uncle John’s will—a measly plant. But, as Paul soon discovers, it is no ordinary plant. This unlikely source of funds leads Paul to slowly transform his lifestyle—and his mindset. But it might be too late. Whispers of scandal are at work, and this brings interest from Detective Miller to get to the the bottom of it. Both Paul and Grace find themselves on an unsustainable path, and neither trusts the other. It isn’t until a horrific accident that they must search within themselves for the root of the problem.

Dove Review

Root of the Problem is a film that pulls you in with its relevant story and characters! We know the Bible states that the love of money, not money itself, is the root of all evil. That is what Paul Campbell, nicely played by Sergio Di Zio, contends with after receiving a miracle plant that buds $100 bills! His wife’s uncle, John, has passed away and left the plant for his niece Grace (Claire Rankin) and her husband Paul. Paul is already a top real estate agent for Rush Realty, working alongside his good friend Jack Mitchell. However, when Paul checks in on how the plant he and Grace inherited is doing, it’s then he learns of its unusual and abundant gift—lots of money. Unfortunately for him, the same man that doesn’t always disclose problems with houses in order to “close the deal” becomes even more greedy. When he starts lying to his wife and kids, and buys expensive things like a pricey watch, a $5,000 riding lawnmower, and a Porsche, he and Grace soon find themselves at odds.

However, soon Paul is dealing with the results of his decisions which help get his attention—namely, a detective checking on him to figure out where all his cash is coming from, not to mention he is on the outs with his wife and kids. When his daughter Kari falls due to Paul’s lack of repairing a railing on a proposed property for sale, Paul hits bottom and finally realizes that God and his family are more important than his money. His change is legitimate as he gives money to the church and even a homeless man. The ending is fascinating with Pastor Rylee explaining a bit more about Uncle John and the miracle plant. Due to a few swear words we are awarding this one our Dove Seal for Ages 12+ instead of All Ages. However, when Paul curses a few times early on, he changes the word to a softer one after that, mainly because the pastor is standing nearby! The film isn’t all drama; it has some humor.

The Dove Take This movie is one of the better faith-based films I have seen and the unique story and fine acting warrant it being watched—and enjoyed.

Content Description

Faith: A strong faith message about following God, helping others and giving to help others.
Integrity: There are characters that do the right thing in various situations and a man who initially doesn't but then changes and does.
Sex: A husband and wife kiss a few times.
Language: OMG-3; G-1; H-2; D-1; "We kicked butt"-1; Geez-2; a boy says "I hate you" to his dad but then they make peace, and he tells his dad he loves him.
Violence: A girl takes a fall and is hurt.
Drugs: Wine drinking in a few scenes
Nudity: None
Other: Tension between characters; a few arguments between a man and his wife; a man lies to his wife and kids but he changes; greed; grief from a death.