Aliens & Demons: Evidence of an Unseen Realm

Aliens & Demons: Evidence of an Unseen Realm


Dr. Michael Heiser explores the unexpected intersection between UFOs, alien abductions, the world of angels and demons, and the ancient texts that speak of them.

Dove Review

Don’t let the title Aliens & Demons: Evidence of an Unseen Realm scare you for the wrong reasons.

With such a title, one may anticipate obviously toxic pseudo-information marketed as “real,” or shlocky brainless entertainment. And why not be concerned? So many books, shows, films, and more, already complicate discussions of the paranormal. It’s frustrating to think of another wrench being thrown into the engines of understanding. However, such intense fears regarding Aliens & Demons: Evidence of an Unseen Realm may be quieted.

It’s not scary because of obvious b-movie falsehood, it’s scary because of the potential realities it presents.

Intriguing, literate, and horrifying, Aliens & Demons: Evidence of an Unseen Realm provides appreciated attitude and scholarship. Dr. Michael Heiser’s thoughtful presentation of paranormal concepts is a gut-punch to potential misinformation. If you’re looking for a thoughtful presentation of challenging topics, then what Dr. Heiser has to say may be compelling and rewarding, as he discusses paranormal topics with Biblical reference, and interesting perspective.

The subject matter is horrifying, communicating realities worse than science fiction and Hollywood head-spinning, and it’s so thoughtfully presented regarding the Bible, that it’s more disturbing (because of its potential reality) and refreshing (because we know God is stronger than any darkness).

Aliens & Demons: Evidence of an Unseen Realm is neither goofy nor aggressively nihilistic. It’s both horrifying and quietly hopeful. And it’s that paradox, the horror and hope of reality, that’s compelling.

Mature and ready individuals may find it worth considering, while the darkness presented may be unwise for some viewers to get near. There are disturbing discussions regarding sexual abuse, including regarding children, “ritual satanic abuse”, human experiments, horrifying images, and more.

Aliens & Demons: Evidence of an Unseen Realm is dark, mature, well presented, and should be approached in a Christ-honoring way. It is Dove-Approved for Ages 18+.

The Dove Take:

Thoughtful presentation of paranormal topics is dark, disturbing, interesting, and references the Bible.

Content Description

Faith: Strong references to faith; Scripture is referenced.
Integrity: A pursuit of the truth.
Sex: Disturbing discussion regarding sexual abuse, including regarding children; “ritual satanic abuse”; mention of pregnancy, reproduction, and the idea of reproduction with a non-human entity.
Language: “Screw up.”
Violence: Disturbing discussion, including regarding children, of death, sexual abuse, “ritual satanic abuse,” and human experiments; war;
Drugs: Reference to LSD.
Nudity: Images and sculptures depicting nudity; short dresses.
Other: Discussion regarding evil, the demonic, paranormal, and darkness; disturbing and scary images and sounds.


Company: Faithlife TV
Director: Reuben Evans
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 75 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: John P.