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Dora and the Lost City of Gold

The Synopsis:

Dora, a teenage explorer, leads her friends on an adventure to save her parents and solve the mystery behind a lost city of gold.

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Dove Review

Dora and the Lost City of Gold is a fun-filled adventure that the entire family can enjoy. With an Indiana Jones feel, this audacious adventure features Dora, family and friends seeking the lost gold of the Incas in the legendary Parapata.

The movie opens with Dora being raised in the jungle by her parents, making friends with the jungle animals and a cute monkey named Boots. The movie leaps ahead 10 years when Dora is sent to California to join her cousin, Diego, and his parents so she can attend a real school, high school, for the first time. Dora is super outgoing and her friendly (and innocent) ways cause her fellow students to mock her. But, as Dora says, “I have to be myself.” And when Sammy (the popular girl in school), Diego, Dora and their friend, Randy, are kidnapped by the bad guys and flown back to the jungle, the four teens–through being tossed together and experiencing adventure and close calls–all become close friends.

This movie doesn’t slow down much—it’s a whirlwind ride of adventure, humor and close calls. There are levers that unleash terrors such as rushing waters as part of an aqueduct, meant to drown the unsuspecting seeker of gold. Other suspenseful scenes include Dora and her cousin Diego, new friends Sammy and Randy, and the guide, Alejandro, successfully escaping quicksand. And of course, there are bad guys pursuing them, hoping to find the lost gold before Dora and her friends do. This movie pushes the theme that exploration for the sake of adventure and knowledge far outweighs treasures of gold. Isabela Moner is outstanding as Dora. The movie earns our Dove-Approval for Ages 12+.

The Dove Take :

This adventure with Dora is one of the more dazzling family-friendly adventures out there with loads of entertaining fun suitable for ages 12+.

Dove Rating Details


A man, when in danger, makes the sign of the cross.


A few characters hold guns; arrows are shot at fleeing teens and their adult guide; characters are trapped in quicksand;


A teen couple briefly kiss; a funny scene including two scorpions mating (minimal detail)


OMG-1; comments about "poo" and going number two, and a song that jokes about it


A few characters hold guns; arrows are shot at fleeing teens and their adult guide; characters are trapped in quicksand;


Lodine pills are seen and they are to be used with water if needed.


Teens in shorts; brief partial rear male nudity in cartoon form; shirtless man.


A man betrays his friends; the mention of a curse; an older woman seems to have shaman-like or magical powers—she makes flames leap in the air; the mention of the "angry gods".

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