Bible Agent 7

Bible Agent 7


Episode 1: The Mission. A mission is begun to find the missing Bible Agent 4. Episode 2: As the search for Bible Agent 4 continues, Bible Agent 7 teaches about the various books that make up the Holy Bible.

Dove Review

This is a charming and fun animated story to watch, and kids everywhere will love it! First, the characters are delightful. The young and bright lady, Bible Agent 7, takes the place of Bible Agent 4 when he disappears near the Bermuda Triangle. Bible Agent 7 is all about clues and trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Bible Agent 4. Another delightful character is Captain Flopsom, who looks a bit like a sock but can belt out “Arrrrggghhh!” with the best of pirates. Also, the mechanical parrot, Spark, shows he is a loyal and faithful friend to Bible Agent 7. Nose the dog is also fun to watch.

The first episode, titled The Mission, features not only the good intentions of BIble Agent 7 to find Bible Agent 4, but a lesson on clean and unclean birds according to the Bible. One example is the story of the ravens bringing Elijah food to eat in 1 Kings. Another lesson is given about the 40 authors of the Bible and the writings that spanned over a period of 1,000 years as it was written. And, it is explained, the 66 books became one big book, the Bible. A brief history of the Jews is included in the episode.

In episode 2, Covenant Cream Pie the search for Agent 4 continues. The wonderful teachings continue with some comic relief from Nose, who confuses ravens with crows. He also declares that he must be wise because someone once called him a “wise guy!” Bible Agent 7 teaches about the Bible, explaining that the first five books of the Bible are called the Pentateuch, as well as the four books known as the Gospels. She also delves into the various themes of the different books of the Bible, such as the major and minor prophets, the books of wisdom, the poetry book (Psalms), the letters and the Apocalypse as spelled out by the book of Revelation. A vast amount of wealth and knowledge is shared.

Will Bible Agent 4 be found? What does covenant cream pie mean? To learn the answers, you will have to watch the episode. Both episode 1 and 2 are wonderful and creative stories, and we award each of them our Dove-Approved Seal for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

These wonderful episodes of this warm and imaginative Bible series are a welcome and creative way to teach kids the Bible while entertaining them at the same time. Your kids will enjoy these characters and these episodes!

Content Description

Faith: Strong stories of faith and of Bible characters
Violence: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Unknown
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 48 min.
Reviewer: Ed C.