Sunny Bank Garden

Sunny Bank Garden


The animated series Sunny Bank Garden, tells the adventures of two young children, as they discover how exciting and magical nature and growing your own food can be. Helped along by a host of characters, including a friendly scarecrow, Mr Robin and other people from the gardening community, Pippa and Barney learn all about plants, seeds and animals in their growing adventures. A family-friendly, educational and fun series aimed at preschool children, the TV series will help to answer children’s questions about where their food comes from, as well as helping them to learn and challenge their own imaginations.

Dove Review

Sunny Bank: Allotment is a cute, wholesome animated series about two siblings, Barney and Pippa, who work on a garden together for the first time with their Grampy. Each character has a distinct voice and the entire family, along with friends like Ted, and two worms, have amazing summer adventures while learning new things about planting and growing vegetables. There are 11 episodes in this series release.

Episode 1, Sowing the Seeds The kids have a great imagination about their gardening, and one character dreams about growing a carrot so big that they see a plane fly by! We also meet Scary Joe the scarecrow in this episode, a scarecrow that really is not so scary, but friendly. Included in this episode is a delightful song about sowing seeds.

Episode 2, New Friends The kids meet a boy named Ted, whose mother is from Jamaica. They learn about plants that are grown in Jamaica, and they sing a joyous song called Oh, when the veggies begin to grow.

Episode 3, Wiggly Worms The kids plant tomato plants and the worms sing a humorous song about wiggling!

The remaining eight episodes are titled Community Way , Rain, Rain, Go Away?, Big Hunt , Flowers and Buzzy Bees , Spaghetti Bolognese , Weeds , Cheeky Chickens , and finally Summer Harvest . These episodes feature everyday themes like dealing with a rainy day, a community working together, the kids continuing to work when Grampy comes down with a bad cold and even a lesson on chickens laying eggs, which is typically once per day.

This wholesome family series is Dove-Approved for All Ages. Kids will love Barney, Pippa and Grampy!

The Dove Take:

This series is educational, entertaining, enlightening. You will learn things about plants and flowers and have fun doing it! Highly recommended for kids and big kids everywhere!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: Grampy teaches the kids to do the right things.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Learning lessons about plants and flowers and important relationships.


Company: BMG-Global
Writer: Dom Williams
Producer: Dom Williams
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 121 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Ed C.