Operation: Neighborhood Watch

Operation: Neighborhood Watch


When a new doctor moves in next door, the neighborhood kids believe that he is creating Frankeinstein in his basement and make it their mission to ensure he is not a creepy guardian of a terrible neighbor-eating monster.

Dove Review

Operation: Neighborhood Watch builds from a Little Rascals platform with a modern twist adding selfies and a few Millennial spy gadgets. When a she-haters threesome and a stubborn tagalong girl notice mysterious growling noises in their “Vampire Frankenstein”-neighbor’s basement, they make it their mission to protect the neighborhood at all costs.

Dr. Vargas (Chris Browning) and his daughter, Heather (Marie Amsler), tend to wear blood-stained aprons, haul around huge, worn burlap sacks and work late hours into the creepy glow of twilight. From James’s (Luke Colombero) “No Girls Allowed” treehouse, he and his buddies keep tabs on Dr. Vargas and Heather. They catch video footage, place trackers on the bad guys and use advanced walkie-talkie communicators to only discover that Dr. Vargas is a veterinarian that has an average explanation for what’s housed in his basement.

It takes a broken leg, a broken flower pot and some broken communication, but James and his friends’ story highlights valuable themes of responsibility and community that are Dove-Approved for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

When an eerie doctor and his daughter move in beside James, he and his pals go to great lengths to solve the growling mystery in their neighbors’ basement and keep their neighborhood safe, creating a funny, child-approved thriller for the whole family.

Content Description

Faith: James’s mother encourages him to follow the Golden Rule.
Integrity: Heavy themes of friendship, loyalty, responsibility and truth-seeking.
Sex: None
Language: Childish name-calling; God’s name taken in vain once; “What the—” used once
Violence: James’ friend falls and breaks his leg; Dr. Vargas wears a bloody apron; blood splatters on the wall from Dr. Vargas’ basement (from a distance).
Drugs: None
Nudity: James's mom wears mildly cleavage-revealing clothing.
Other: A few quick-scare moments that might frighten small children


Company: Cinedigm
Writer: Mark Cartier
Director: Mark Cartier
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 90 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Peyton G.