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Small Miracles

2-time Emmy winner Judd Hirsch (Taxi, Independence Day) and Kathryn Kates (Orange is the New Black, Shades of Blue) guide the way on timeless true stories that inspire and show the will of the human spirit. Based on the New York Times best-selling book series of the same name, published in 14 languages across the world.

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Small Miracles is an uplifting and inspiring collection of four episodes of the series which will build up your courage and give you a faith lift!

The episodes feature various tests of faith, and fantastic changes are powerfully shown as characters trust in God. The series is based on the bestselling book, Small Miracles by Yitta Halberstam and Judith Leventhal. Hosted by Judd Hirsch as Mort and Kathryn Kates as Esty, they draw you into their little home with warmth and joy. The first episode focuses on a young girl’s wish to be able to send birthday greetings to her deceased father. Her mother and grandmother come up with the idea to send a birthday card attached to a mermaid balloon (young Desiree loves mermaids) to send it upwards to heaven toward her dad. Where it ends up and what happens could only be defined as a miracle—or the biggest coincidence of all time!

In the next episode, set during the Civil War, a father loses his talented musically-inclined son to a conservatory in Atlanta. The proud Union father doesn’t see his son for a long while after he moves, only to find out his son joined the Confederate army, and sadly, died. He travels to see his son’s body which is a sorrowful experience for him. However, a song his son wrote before he died is played at his military funeral and the song he wrote is still played today!

In the third episode, a father and son disagree as the son says he no longer believes in his Jewish roots and tells his father that he, Alex, is going to travel to India to live. He does so, meets a girl, and falls in love; however, the satisfaction he sought is missing. When a friend from home runs into Alex and tells him that his father died four months before, Alex is greatly moved and feels he needs to travel to Israel. A few events that take place there and when Alex returns home may just cause the viewer’s jaw to drop!

In the final episode, a dentist is able to help a lot of people, including children, during the Holocaust and is reunited with a special someone in his life.

These wonderful true stories will lift you up, wow you, and reaffirm your faith in the God of the Bible. We are awarding it our Faith Friendly Dove Seal for ages 12+, due to several images of dead soldiers seen lying on the ground and due to a few of the mature and sophisticated themes.

The Dove Take:

This movie will increase your faith in the existence of miracles and might just inspire you to pray for one!

Dove Rating Details


Faith in God and in the Bible is mentioned.


Several photos of corpses on the ground are seen of dead soldiers; archive footage of fires consuming buildings and people.


A couple of scenes of husband and wife kissing.




Several photos of corpses on the ground are seen of dead soldiers; archive footage of fires consuming buildings and people.






Mature romantic themes and couples in love; tension between characters; the Hindu and Jewish religions are closely examined.

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