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Christmas Coupon

Alison Grant, a former figure-skating champion, teaches skating lessons to children at her hometown arena. As the business fails, she is let go from the job, so she decides to teach skating on a friend’s frozen pond. To spread the word about the new classes, Alison and her nieces hand out “Christmas Coupons” offering a discount to attract students. On the first day of class, her old high school sweetheart, a now famous hockey player, Ivan Hall, unexpectedly shows up when he brings his niece for the skating lessons. Alison and Ivan had planned to spend life together. Her heartbreak following his sudden disappearance after graduation took years to overcome, and she is still single but has finally started dating someone else. At first, a very cold reunion ensues, but inevitably, Alison slowly warms up to Ivan again.

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Dove Review

Dove Review:

Alison and Ivan are inseparable high school sweethearts living in the picturesque town of Hope Springs, vowing to be together forever—until they’re not. Ten years later, Alison is a washed-up former professional figure skater living in her hometown, and Ivan is a spoiled professional hockey player living the dream far away from his past. As the trope goes, Ivan experiences a painful knee injury, ending his professional career and sending him back to Hope Springs to confront everything—and everyone—he left behind. The film portrays the romance and reconciliation as Alison and Ivan reconnect after 10 long years apart.

The film recycles an old storyline but injects lots of fresh Christmas spirit by adding considerate messages throughout the plot, like the emphasis on volunteering, the town’s not-so-secret Santa and the healthy family dynamics. There is also a strong message of serving others as well as the expected message of forgiveness. It’s a Hallmark-style Christmas movie to curl up to and watch with cocoa. It has a likable ensemble of characters and a satisfying ending—one could even say it wraps up like a bow on a Christmas present!

Unfortunately, the romance in this film includes unofficial titles, random breakups, betrayal, and a lack of context to guide the plot. In addition, the only person who is held responsible for any of their actions is the male lead; the female lead never apologizes or corrects her part in the relationship breakdown.

However, Christmas Coupon is a clean film that wins the Dove Seal of Approval for All Ages, but adults and teens might appreciate this Christmas romance more than young children.

The Dove Take:

Christmas Coupon is a clean romance filled with Christmas spirit, ready for your next date night (if you can overlook the plot holes).

Dove Rating Details


A woman consults her pastor for advice; church is a consistent part of the story; a Bible verse is read at a wedding.


A hockey player is tackled during a game.


Several scenes with kissing between a man and woman, some of which are passionate; kisses on the cheek or forehead; a man and woman embrace, snuggle; a man's hand is on a woman's thigh (both fully clothed)


"Oh my goodness"


A hockey player is tackled during a game.


Nameless Christmas partygoers drink.


Backless dresses in some scenes, bra straps can be seen as part of certain outfits; costumes worn in a parade appear backless but are really nude-colored fabric.


Deception, lack of accountability

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