Weapons of Mass Discussion

Weapons of Mass Discussion


A world-renowned atheist offers $1 million to anyone who can prove the existence of God and challenge him to a debate on live radio. After defeating many unlearned Christians, he battles for the next few weeks with a small churchgoer who faces off with him. The result will change the lives of many forever.

Dove Review

Dove Review:

Weapons of Mass Discussion is not only a creative title but appropriate too. The weapons are the Word of God against a science that’s apart from God.

Tom, a strong Christian, must go against a self-proclaimed atheist and evolutionist, Dr. Edmond Rool (a former Christian turned away by a tragic event). They debate one another on radio, and if Tom is able to convince Rool of the existence of God, he will win $1 million. Tom promises to donate the money to his church.

Tom is the right person to face Rool because he has knowledge of God’s Word, and he knows exactly where science falls short. However, it isn’t an easy experience for Tom; he is persecuted, ridiculed—even shot! Fortunately, a few humorous scenes lighten the plot, and the overall themes audaciously stand up for faith in God’s dominion over science.

This strong, faith-based film relays accurate biblical information in a powerful way, but strong language in a few scenes awards this film the Dove Seal for Ages 12+.

The Dove Take:

For anyone who knows that there is plenty of proof that God exists, even apart from the Scriptures, this is an educational and powerful “weapon” to use to witness to others.

Content Description

Faith: A strong message of faith and the Bible, and a young man makes some inspiring points.
Integrity: Several people stand up for their faith and to be counted.
Sex: The mention of Jezebel and how there is a seductive spirit of Jezebel; a girl gets upset with her boyfriend and tells him she held back having sex with him because he wanted to wait for marriage.
Language: O/G-1; D-1; Go to H-1; Crap-1; Shut up-1
Violence: Three people are shot but all survive and a bit of blood is seen on one; a young man is sprayed with pepper spray and paint and beaten with a baseball bat, although the scene is not gratuitous.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Mild cleavage
Other: Tension between characters; some people mock and seem to hate Tom, a Christian; there is a view by a character that kids shouldn't get vaccinations and people should not get flu shots which will probably be a hot potato with some viewers; the death of a child and the grief it caused is mentioned; the topic of why God allows suffering in the world is also mentioned.


Director: Joseph Giannini
Producer: Joseph Giannini
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 91 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Ed C.