Before the Wrath

DVD Release: March 3, 2020
Before the Wrath


Based on true discoveries from the time of Christ. While most people no longer believe that Jesus is coming back, researchers in the Middle East have discovered new evidence that proves the prophesied Rapture is not only real, but why it must soon come to pass.

This shocking insight will reignite hope for believers and prepare the world for what’s coming. Narrated by Kevin Sorbo (God’s Not Dead).

Dove Review

In this timely documentary, theologians aim to unravel the crucial truths about the return of Christ through Galilean culture and rituals. What significance do these traditions have? Many Christians have tried and failed to answer the question of “when” Christ will return, but are we asking the wrong question? This poignant film seeks to answer the question of “why” Christ must return.

Interviews with experts in their fields are interwoven with rich, period-accurate reenactments to transport viewers into the world of a Galilean wedding — the backdrop of this revolutionary exposition of the return of Christ. Narrated by the beloved Kevin Sorbo, Before the Wrath examines the current view of eschatology, while revealing the clues Christ left for us in the Gospels about his return. Shockingly, very few Christians today have an understanding of Christ’s return, or the significance of this event. I must admit, I myself do not usually have a favorable view of “end times” documentaries or films. To me, these always seem like a cheap, violent, scare tactic. Before the Wrath is none of these. This film has incredibly high production value; sensible, biblical teaching; astounding and weighty interviews, beautiful imagery, and extraordinary revelation.

Examining data on current beliefs, which is also included in the film, reveals that many people do not even believe Christ will return someday. Hard to believe, but easy to understand when taken into account the statistical and systematic absence of prophetic teaching from our churches today. The film addresses this issue and many more, which I will not delve into for the sake of spoilers. The story, woven between the expert interviews and the vital truths they reveal, paint an eye-opening picture of God’s boundless grace toward us, his Bride. To see Christ’s return in this light, with the mind-blowing revelations and prophetical wisdom revealed in the film, is like learning about the Rapture for the first time. Not an event to be discouraged by, but an extravagant display of the Father’s love for we his people.

Before the Wrath is an ABSOLUTE MUST-SEE for any Christian — families, pastors, churches, and individuals alike. It is a much-needed, extremely important film with information that is crucial to “wake up” the Bride before the Bridegroom’s return. Don’t be intimidated, however, by the subject matter. The filmmaker and his team have done a wonderful job of knitting all the elements of the film together to create a concise, simple learning experience that even children can understand. And don’t worry, this is not just another end time movie — you have very likely never heard this pivotal information before.

Before the Wrath is mind-blowing, necessary, and urgent. I personally implore you to see this film as soon as possible, and share the information you learn from it, as well. Never in my life have I been as compelled, gobsmacked, or encouraged by a film. I cannot stress enough how significant this film is for the Body of Christ today.

The Dove Take:

Before the Wrath is mind-blowing, necessary, and urgent.

Content Description

Faith: The documentary focuses on the subject of eschatology from a Christian worldview.
Violence: None
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Company: Exploration Films
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 84 min.
Reviewer: Jeryn H.