Imaginary Lines

Imaginary Lines


This drama follows the relationship of a heartbroken woman and a young immigrant girl who has lost her mother at the border, coming together just before Christmas.

Dove Review

Christmas is in full swing for Alexandra Ramirez, a precocious and kind-hearted 11-year-old living with her mother in Texas. Immigrants from Mexico, Alex and her mother Louisa live in constant fear that someday they will be separated from each other, and when a barrage of ICE agents floods their home on a peaceful December night, their worst fears come true. Alone and scared, Alex finds herself in the care of Chloe, a damaged, angry, grieving workaholic with a bone to pick with the world. Carlos, a kind but closed-off jack-of-all-trades, is about to enter both of their lives (unexpectedly) at exactly the right time. As Alex grapples with the loss of her mother and her fragile relationship with Chloe, Carlos attempts to be what they both need. Will Alex be reunited with her mother in time for Christmas? Can Chloe forgive and let go?

In this Tex-Mex Christmas story, we meet an ensemble cast of endearing (albeit a bit predictable) characters all working together to provide a brave little girl with hope for Christmas. The film tackles tough issues like immigration, the foster care system, and massive loss. However, the story allows plenty of lighthearted moments, a heavy dose of romance, and a lot of heartwarming Christmas “magia.” Alexandra, the youngest character of them all, somehow manages to be the wisest one; the adults around her are made better, kinder people when she arrives in their lives. She is a shining example of the true spirit of Christmas, as well as the child-like faith Jesus Himself commanded His followers to have. Gift of an Angel is a story of family, hope, and all that makes Christmas great; a great new spin on a classic type of Christmas film.

We award Gift of an Angel the Dove-approved Seal for Ages 12+.

The Dove Take:

Gift of an Angel might make you giggle, cry, and even fuss at your screen, but it will also warm your heart. Watch out for the mild language with younger kiddos.

Content Description

Nudity: None
Other: None
Faith: A few scenes in church and prayer, but ultimately no overt faith-based message.
Integrity: A young girl teaches adults around her how to be kind and to love again.
Sex: A man and woman kiss 3x - once on the cheek and twice on the lips.
Language: God-2; A-1; S-1; D-1; H-1
Violence: No violence per se, but one scene includes a mother and child being separated which could be upsetting for some viewers; a woman's accidental drowning is implied but not shown.
Drugs: Wine and whiskey are consumed by adults; in one scene a character drinks to deal with emotional pain/loneliness.


Company: Pantheon Entertainment, Future Sight Entertainment
Writer: Flo Krisko, Marion Milner, (Screenplay by: Amanda Raymond)
Director: Amanda Raymond
Producer: Tara Pirnia and Andrew Sugerman
Genre: Christmas
Reviewer: Cammie H.