Dolphin Caller- Book I



Dolphin callers are mythical, but when the boy Oka Irathace appears on the scene with a
team of seven rare sky porpoises and a sea sled, people in high places take notice. Two
enemies—a tree steward and a dark emperor—for unknown reasons seek an audience. The
civilized steward sends a letter of invitation while the domineering emperor sends an army.

When the army kidnaps Oka’s sister the boy and his dolphins embark on an ambitious
upriver rescue mission. As the boy stalks the army which is marching inland along the river—
destination unknown—the tree steward’s invitation-bearing guardsmen and the emperor’s
horsemen pursue, trying to make contact. The boy, the guardsmen, and a wily field marshal
converge in a tense meeting on a bridge. Questions get answered. The emperor believes the
steward’s tree city, Whitebark, is harboring the emperor’s stolen Kernel. The theft caused the
death of the emperor’s South Forest. The guardsmen claim Whitebark is innocent.

Oka makes a decision, and as war looms he travels to Whitebark in the North Forest. The
book goes on to resolve the war issue when a resupply fleet is attacked and sunk by a force of
dolphins and giant beavers, neutralizing the army. This event presents a turn in the plot which
sets up a new mission for Oka, covered in the second book of the series, Sentrees’ Song—a book
which unfolds with more unexpected turns and ever-increasing stakes.

Dove Review

Young Oka Irathace discovers that his favorite jetty off of the seaside village of Chorcee holds more than old docked boats. A hidden pathway underneath the dock reveals secrets of an underwater world of local legends come alive.

At first, this is every young boy’s dream adventure: sky porpoises, shark fights, and sea sleds. But when an underwater emperor kidnaps Okra’s sister and hunts him down for mysterious reasons, he joins forces with fantastical creatures and sets out on a quest to find answers, which leads to a climactic war unlike any other.

Dolphin Caller- Book I creates a fantastical world that readers of all generations can enjoy. Outside of mild, childish name-calling and some brief, non-gory fight scenes, this book is Dove-approved for All Ages.

Dove Take:

Oka Irathace and his sky porpoises take readers on a wild, water-filled adventure that fantasy fans of all ages will love!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: Okra Irathace searches for truth, protects his dolphin friends, and fights against darkness to protect his sister.
Sex: None
Language: Childish name-calling, i.e. "fish boy"
Violence: Light battle scenes, without descriptive gore
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Okra lies to his mom, Tulip.


Company: Unknown
Genre: Fantasy
Reviewer: Peyton G.