Sarah’s Dream Dress

Theatrical Release: December 11, 2019
Sarah’s Dream Dress


We are so excited for you to meet Sarah and join her as she discovers the truth about patience. We trust that as you enjoy these stories, you would be inspired. God treasures all His beautiful little ladies! Instead of keeping us in a treasure box, He places us in our homes, schools, ballets classes, and circle of friends to shine for Him. May your heart be filled with beautiful treasures as you grow in Jesus. Packaged in a keepsake box is the book titled Sarah’s Dream Dress. The reader can also enjoy the application section in the book. This section encourages conversation around the topic of patience. Included in the box set is an Art Print with a Bible verse to place on the wall to remind little ladies to “grow patience.” To encourage meaningful playtime there is a beautiful paper doll representing the character, Sarah

Dove Review

Sarah’s Dream Dress is the first in a series of book by new authors Bianca Serfontein and Nicola Meyers from South Africa. The team will publish exquisite books featuring a hero from the Bible paired with a story to teach and inspire specific values those heroes represent. Their collection is called the Kristen Collection and operates with a beautiful and clear mission to lift young girls to a deeper relationship with Jesus. In this inaugural production, they’ve captured the sweet and pure message of patience through a story about a little girl’s desire for a special dress to wear to her friend’s party.

You will enjoy sharing this book with the young girls in your life, and we always love to see such artistic and pure representation of godly values. The books also feature Scripture references for conversation and teaching, and each story has its special verse. Treat yourself to the box set, which also includes artwork and a paper doll, for nice, old-fashioned playtime.

Sarah’s Dream Dress will be followed by stories about “Lydia” and “Esther”, creating a beautiful library. Future titles will feature “Abigail,” Hannah,” and “Rebecca.”

The Dove Take:

Reading Sarah’s Dream Dress with your daughter is like having a sweet, elegant tea-time with a wonderful lesson.

About The Authors and Illustrator:

The Founders of The Kristen Collection, Bianca and Nicola, were inspired by the stories of women in the Bible. Their dream for the collection is that it will be a powerful and beautiful tool, equipping girls to meet life’s challenges bravely. Bianca and Nicola met in the picturesque college town of Stellenbosch, where they became fast friends. They were roommates and eventually bridesmaids at each others weddings. They currently live in South Africa, probably enjoying a pot of tea.

Frances Tomaselli is an illustrator, designer, and daydreamer. With a degree in Visual Communication Design, the passion grew and blossomed into a creative studio that aspires to create anything meaningful & memorable. Lumina Creative Studio has branched out into custom stationery, illustration, brand identities, and art workshops. Ever since she was little, she has had a love for animals, flowers and most of all Jesus.

Content Description

Faith: A story that leads girls to know Jesus through scripture
Violence: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: iDisciple Publishing
Genre: Inspirational
Starring: Illustrator: Frances Tomaselli
Reviewer: Suzy S.