The Race Marked Out for Us

The Race Marked Out for Us


Is it wise to enter a race with no training, nourishment or hydration? Though the answer seems simple, it may surprise you how often many of us do this very thing, every day. In the race of life we can find ourselves overwhelmed, overworked, and seemingly overlooked. The good news is God never intended this to be our reality, and He has given us instructions for how to find purpose, hope and joy in our lives. Join Dot Bowen as she shares how God used a half marathon to lovingly reveal hard truths and give her fresh insight into her spiritual journey. In The Race Marked Out for Us, you’ll uncover powerful truths about your own spiritual race and emerge feeling equipped to run your own race with endurance.

Dove Review

In The Race Marked Out For Us, author Dot Bowen takes us along with her as she recounts a life-changing event and what it taught her about her relationship with Christ. Using this personal testimony, her storytelling prowess, a treasure trove of Scripture, and plenty of wisdom, Dot guides us through the Christian race that is set before us, and all the gnarly obstacles that come with it.

The book contains 10 chapters, each honing in on a specific part of our journey on this race, including chapters devoted to training for the race – or lack thereof – (chapter two); the overwhelming thirst only Living Water can satisfy (chapter five), and knowing who we are and for Whom we run (chapter eight). In each chapter you will find words brimming with truth and grace, convicting readers while simultaneously soothing the sting with wise reflections and Scriptures that connect and support the theme. Dot’s writing style, though sage and inspiring, maintains lighthearted humor and gripping honesty without ever being judgy or preachy. I particularly loved (spoiler alert) the chapter in which Dot purchased brand new running clothes in order to look like a runner without actually being a runner. She rightly compares this to how we as believers sometimes mask ourselves in works to look like Christians without actually being in Christ.

There are dozens of “aha” moments like this throughout the book, but my favorite is this one is this excerpt from chapter two, page 36: “I am ashamed of how many years I called myself a follower of Christ when, in my heart, I really just wanted Jesus to follow me. In my mind, Jesus still hung on the cross. Although I celebrated Easter and His resurrection, it never really occurred to me that Jesus is now seated on His throne, the seat of all power and authority. HE is in control, not the other way around. My place is at His feet in worship, not sitting in His throne. The only question is, will I choose it?”

The powerful truth of this statement hit me like a ton of bricks. I was expecting this to be some run-of-the-mill devotional or fluffy inspirational book. I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. From the first chapter, it is evident that The Race Marked Out For Us is a powerful tool of transformation, helmed by a genuine woman of God who desires to see other women of God free from “the weights that so easily beset” and living in the freedom of the Gospel. So many women (myself included) struggle with the issues laid out in this book, and Dot has certainly discovered the keys to unlocking the lives of the women in that niche. I’ve already started recommending this book to women in my life. The only bone I have to pick would be that the book is geared toward women (which is not clearly marked on the front cover) but the words inside are so important, they need to be read by everyone.

We are pleased to award The Race Marked Out Before Us the Dove Seal of Approval for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

Dot Bowen weaves tales of her personal journey with Christ, relevant Scriptures, prayers, and a real-life testimony/parable to create a book that reads like a devotional but feels like a conversation with an old friend. The Race Marked Out For Us is a must-read for believers of all faith levels.

Content Description

Faith: One's personal Christian journey is examined and exhorted with plenty of scripture and testimony.
Violence: The author mentions illnesses like cancer and describes the effects of heat exhaustion/dehydration.
Sex: Sex is mentioned/hinted at times (in the context of being an incorrect way to fill a void in one's life).
Language: None
Violence: The author mentions illnesses like cancer and describes the effects of heat exhaustion/dehydration.
Drugs: Alcohol and drugs are mentioned briefly in the same context as above.
Nudity: None
Other: Though not inappropriate in any way, the book is geared toward girls and women who can appreciate its imagery and themes which may be difficult for young children to understand.


Company: iDisciple Publishing
Writer: Dot Bowen
Genre: Inspirational
Reviewer: Cammie H.