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Finding Grace

A troubled teenage girl’s life is turned upside down when she is forced to provide community service in a retirement home. As she develops a close friendship with one of the residents, she learns that giving is greater than receiving and she is forever changed when she discovers the power of family, hope, and faith through the strength of her devoted single father.
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Troubled teen Alaska “Allie” Rose is out of control. Between her partying, imposing friends, legal woes, and difficult familial relationships, Allie’s ever-distant and preoccupied father is at a loss on how to help her –or his struggling family -come back together again. When Allie is forced to face the consequences of her actions (or risk jail time) by serving 100 hours at a local assisted living facility, she meets an older woman, Mrs. Foster, who is just as stubborn as she is. As the story goes on, we learn the reason for Allie’s behavior and source of the Rose family’s broken condition. When Allie’s father turns to the Lord for comfort and direction, will she stay lost, or find much needed grace? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Finding Grace is a case study in faith-based film; it’s got everything one could possibly want in a faith-based drama –poignant, emotional, well-rounded, a developed plot, complex and rich characters, and an uplifting ending. Perhaps the best part of the movie is the way it deals with a very relevant and important subject (spoiler: suicide) in such a delicate and thoughtful way, without being shy or too squeaky. The parallels essential to the plot make for a fantastic storytelling device to explorethe topic without feeling too contrived. I, for one, appreciate the filmmaker’s boldness in approaching this among the other issues in the film in such an honest, healthy way. Too many times the Church can tend to back away from something so tragic and dark, but this film does an excellent job of exploring the impact of suicide as well as walking that fine line of appropriateness.

There are many other things to love about Finding Grace, like Allie’s ability to disconnect from unhealthy friendships, or her father’s choice to get the family back in God and on the right track spiritually and emotionally, but the best way for you to catch them all is to simply watch it yourself!

Due to the mature nature of some of the subjects in this film, we award Finding Grace the Dove Seal of Approval for Ages 12+.

The Dove Take:

Finding Grace is an emotional drama with depth and purpose.

Dove Rating Details


A family is drawn closer to God and each other during a difficult time.


None shown, but some implied and discussed; arguing.


An attempted assault is discussed; ‘the talk’ is mentioned.


H-1, some uses of ‘freakin’ and other slang words; a TVshow playing in a scene replicates “Scared Straight” with bleeped out cuss words; “I’ll murder you” (as a joke).


None shown, but some implied and discussed; arguing.


Teenagers drink what is implied to be alcohol at a party.




Some mature subject matter like Alzheimer's, suicide, attempted assault; teen drinking.

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