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My Name Is Sarah

Sometimes relationships push us beyond our self-constructed boundaries and require vulnerability. But it will be worth the risk in the end?

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My Name is Sarah tells the story of a quiet, conservative young woman who leads a very usual life. As a manuscript editor, she finds joy in the freedom she has to work from home. However, it becomes clear very soon that something is missing. Relationship.

One evening, while Sarah is working on her most recent project, she hears laughter and conversation outside her apartment window. Upon getting up to investigate, she sees several people gathered in front of the building next door, and a handsome man catches her eye. She determines to find out about the group and shows up at the next meeting.

Much to Sarah’s surprise, the meeting is Alcoholics Anonymous. Although Sarah doesn’t have an alcohol problem, she continues to attend the meetings and becomes friends with Charlie. Charlie is charming and handsome, and the attraction between them strengthens as they begin spending more time together.

At one point, Charlie and Sarah are making out after a date night, but Sarah stops and explains to Charlie that she cares about him deeply, but she is saving herself for her wedding night. Charlie is shocked and disappointed. However, their relationship continues. All the while, Charlie is determined to convince Sarah to renege on her decision, even suggesting they elope to Vegas, with the caveat that if the marriage doesn’t work, they can get a quickie divorce. Sarah is unwavering.

One day, Sarah is hit by a car and ends up in the hospital. When Charlie doesn’t hear from Sarah for several days, he visits her apartment and discovers a message from the local hospital. He immediately goes there to find her in a coma.

After what seems many days, Sarah awakens, and their love is rekindled when Charlie realizes just how much he cares for her. However, when he runs some errands for her, including grabbing a few things from her home, he finds a basket full of bottles of alcohol under her bed. He and his son, Kip, are disappointed but determine to wait for Sarah to come clean about the stash.

The film moves through the ups and downs of their relationship, including her unsuccessful attempts to tell Charlie that she’s not a recovering alcoholic. Sarah confesses her unintended dishonesty to the AA group and begs forgiveness while also sharing that she hopes to continue attending because of the family and acceptance she has found there.

This film is Dove-approved for Ages 12+ due to the overarching topic of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, several make out sessions between Sarah and Charlie and one scene that shows an AA member intoxicated and threatening to take his own life before Sarah comes to his aid.

The Dove Take:

Sarah and Charlie discover just how much they need each other as they navigate through the elements of integrity and honesty that are so vital to any relationship.

Dove Rating Details


The AA mantra includes “Help me God,” the leader of the meetings is a former pastor.


Hank is intoxicated and has a revolver, threatens to take his own life


Kissing between Charlie and Sarah with mild groping before she stops him, Sarah orders a bra through a sexy lingerie company online (scene shows a woman in a lace bra on the website)


a@* - 1, crap


Hank is intoxicated and has a revolver, threatens to take his own life


Regular references to alcoholism, Hank has a relapse and is highly intoxicated, Charlie buys two bottles of whiskey from a liquor shop, basket of bottles of liquor under Sarah’s bed


Breast self-check poster at a dr office shows a raised arm and hand over the breast


Charlie tells Sarah, “One way or another I’m gonna have my way with you,” Kip asks his dad, “Since when do you care about the women you see?”

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