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Selfie Dad

Ben Marcus ("Michael Jr."), a former stand-up comic in a midlife crisis, tries to become a social media star until he and his family are radically challenged by the Bible.

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Ben Marcus hates his job and feels disconnected from his family. Grieving the loss of his parents and fearful of following in his father’s tragic footsteps, he sets aside his passion for comedy to provide for his family by more practical, albeit unsatisfying means.

But after seeing his son watch a UTOO video of a guy playing a video game and discovering that millions of people actually like watching someone else narrate while doing something – and that posting videos can bring in big money if they hit enough views – Ben decides to make his own video, and films himself as he attempts to fix the toilet his wife has been nagging him to tend to for the past several days. It’s a total failure.

Ben’s son finds the phone, edits and uploads the video, and it hits thousands of views within hours and rapidly draws in subscribers wanting more of Ben’s comedic attempts at home repairs.

Ben quickly becomes one of UTOO’s best comedy acts of the year and picks up sponsorship from Packer Tools. But while his success is helping to revive his love for comedy, his marriage is struggling, and Ben is still feeling like he just isn’t getting it right.

Mickey, a co-worker and friend from his video editing job, is nearly finished with his studies to become a pastor, and he encourages Ben to dig in to the Bible after sharing that his senior thesis paper is titled You Need to Read the Bible. Mickey is intrigued by Ben and his life as a Christian family man, but Ben isn’t so sure he’s a good subject for Mickey’s paper.

When Ben decides he is ready to give Mickey’s suggestion a try, he discovers that God has a plan for his life and wants to use him in mighty ways. Ben immediately does a video about reading the Bible; but much to his dismay, his subscribers begin to drop him, and his sponsor cancels the contract, demanding repayment of funds that Ben’s family has already received.

Though Ben and Jessie are tempted to panic and do things their own way, they choose to trust God and pray for wisdom, and the strength to endure whatever obstacles may present themselves – not only as they wade through the unpredictable variables of supporting a family as UTOO-ers, but also as they set out to glorify God in all they do.

This movie earns Dove-approval for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

Selfie Dad is a heart-warming film that reveals the truth of Hebrews 4:12 as Ben Marcus reflects on his need for the power of God’s Word to impact his life in an unforgettable way.

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The Marcus family attends church, Ben talks openly and regularly with his friend Mickey, who is completing his pastoral degree; Mickey encourages Ben to open his Bible and read daily, gives him a book on reading the gospels and renewing one’s love for God and His Word; Jessie and her friend pray together for Ben; when Hannah doesn’t come home after sneaking out during the night, Ben leads his wife and son in praying for her safe return.




While at an awards party, Ben meets Laurie, a blog reporter who helped him get his UTOO videos noticed online. Lori comments on needing to change her clothes before interviewing him about his success, and suggests he join her in her hotel room; Laurie sends been a suggestive photo of herself, though viewers cannot see the photo; after Ben begins reading the Bible and leading his family spiritually, his wife Jessie tells him that she has never been more attracted to him, and alludes to putting the kids to bed early.










Ben tells Mickey about his parents and reveals that his mom committed suicide after discovering that her late husband had had multiple affairs while touring as a comedian; Ben also discovers that he has many half-siblings as a result of the affairs. “We’re all a mess – that’s why we need Jesus,” Mickey says.

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