Our Father’s Keeper

DVD Release: June 1, 2020
Our Father’s Keeper


When a well-offfamily man is diagnosed with onset Alzheimer’s, a dysfunctional family is thrown into even more disarray as they struggle to care for him. When the man wanders away from home a day before Thanksgiving, panic ensues. But when a fatherless, thirteen-year-old homeless girl rescues him, the two develop a friendship so strong, it mends many brokenhearts and redefines the true meaning of family.

Dove Review

There are some things in the world that even the best families aren’t prepared for. When David Roberts is first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, his (dysfunctional) family is thrown into a state of absolute panic. His wife takes on a job after years away from the workforce in order to pay her husband’s medical bills, and the remaining family members have to take turns looking after their father. The sight of their father in such a state causes numerous arguments and even deeper resentment than before.

But when David wanders off, he not only re-learns what it means to be a father, with the help of Christine, the homeless girl who cared for him, but he manages to (for just an instant) remember who he is.

As a whole, the film is one for the entire family, but certain elements regarding illness need to be explained to younger children. While it certainly is a tragic situation, it is one that kids should be aware of early on. It also has many elements of Christianity in it, as the family itself is a Christian one that prays together. Christine also believes in the concept of God, despite her situation, which allows her to find compassion toward David.

There is, however, a swear word toward the middle of the film, as well as brief imagery of vaping and marijuana. As long as parents tell their kids right away that those things are not biblically correct, Our Father’s Keeper is a film that all can watch and enjoy.

The Dove Take:

Our Father’s Keeper is a story that tests the limits of a family when tragedy strikes, but it’s a film that encourages viewers to grow in love and understanding for one another.

Content Description

Faith: Christine’s role in the film is also meant to be like that of a Good Samaritan, who looks after David and selflessly returns him to his family, expecting nothing in return. Christine also questions the existence of God and discusses Him with David in depth before falling asleep. Family prays together throughout film
Violence: David is struck and thrown to the ground after mistaking someone’s daughter for his granddaughter, but blood is mild.
Sex: None
Language: H***-1
Violence: David is struck and thrown to the ground after mistaking someone’s daughter for his granddaughter, but blood is mild.
Drugs: There is a short series of scenes where one of the brothers uses vape pens, as well as marijuana.
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: BMG-Global
Director: Rob Diamond
Producer: Rob Diamond
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 90 min.
Reviewer: Mark H.