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Escape 2120

Dave's agreement with Doc and Sally is to help the two adventurous scientists disappear into the future. But being left behind by the closest people Dave has to family isn't the bargain the 18-year-old expected. When Dave follows after his mentors, calibration issues place him centuries past his target date. Countless years and miles of wilderness separate Dave from Doc and Sally. Dave must survive in a primitive new world that has been waiting for him for a very ... long ... time ...

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People travel vast distances for what they care about. In Escape 2120, Dave must care for the estate of a couple as they travel. They’re traveling for work, and never coming back. But this isn’t a road trip or a flight. They’re traveling into the future. This couple has become like family to Dave. He cares about them and follows them on their travels. But what he doesn’t know is the adventure and villainy waiting for him.

Escape2120 has danger and suspense, from the hazards of time travel, to foes of the future in pursuit. But it isn’t exhausting. It seeks balance by memorable moments of emotion and beauty; friends parting, friends reuniting, a hand sweeping across a tent wall to awake futuristic light, fingers reaching to seemingly squish distant stars. This grounds the film emotionally and boost it aesthetically. And while Escape 2120 does take its time, and sometimes risks lagging behind the audience’s interest, there’s enough fuel here to ignite inspiration in the right viewers. It may be best for a slightly older audience, not for content, but for its concepts and pace.

There’s some light language (OMG, “what the H***”), and a scene where a young man pees outside (accidentally) in front of a young woman, and some light violence. Characters also refer to someone as “The Devil’s Child” and make corresponding references, but things aren’t overtly demonic or scary. While the film may be appropriate for younger audiences, it will (most likely) be best enjoyed by tweens and older, because if it’s pace and thoughtful futuristic ideas.

Escape 2120 is Dove-approved for Ages 12+.

The Dove Take: Time-traveling science fiction has perilous pursuit, patient pacing, and some light content most suitable for teens and adults.

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A car accidentwhere characters died isreferenced. Later, at a funeral, a coffin is seen; characters are tased; guns are seen, but not fired


A man and woman kiss; hugging; a car is referred to as a “chick magnet”; discussion of a couple being unable to have kids


OMG-1; “what the H***”; “what the...”; “witchy woman”; other mild language and some name-calling


A car accidentwhere characters died isreferenced. Later, at a funeral, a coffin is seen; characters are tased; guns are seen, but not fired


Wine is seen.


A young man and woman swap clothes, and she says “I’ve seen it all,” because she accidentally saw him peeing outside.He begins taking off his shirt.


A character pees outside, not realizing that a young woman is accidentally watching; theme of loss; a character is referred to as the “Devil’s Child”; a cave is called “Lucifer’s Lair” illustration of a devil; imagery and discussion of death, including gravestones and a pet cemetery

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