The Slugs & Bugs Show

The Slugs & Bugs Show


It’s a great day for The Slugs & Bugs Show. Join musician Randall Goodgame, Doug the Slug, Sparky the Lightning Bug, Morty and Maggie Raccoon, and a slew of special guests inside the brand-new Slugs and Bugs Workshop. Imaginations are kindled, songs are sung and hijinks are discovered, along with timeless truths about life and faith. From a producer of VeggieTales, The Slugs & Bugs Show is delightful, quirky, hand-crafted fun for kids of all ages.

Dove Review

Editor’s Note: This review is of the episodes Silly Tractor, Special Delivery, Let’s Collaborate and Adopted Birthday.

The Slugs & Bugs Show is a blast. It is a treat to see such a fun, well-made show that seeks to be constructive. It effortlessly sets a high standard for itself. It has well-produced characters and visuals, positive talks and interactions with real-life individuals, and some catchy music. Throughout the show, Randall Goodgame and his friends (such as Doug the Slug), as well as “real-life” individuals, work and play at the workshop, while learning and discussing.

There’s some fun and surprises, and the show pays attention to details that older audiences may find clever. For example, characters occasionally have their own moments addressing the camera personally; a trope often seen in more grown-up comedy shows. And does it in a way that kids will enjoy. Also, Doug the slug loves Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov.

There are times when the goofiness quiets down and the topics are more nuanced and serious, such as discussing adoption, and some of the emotions that may be present. The show makes room for constructive discussion about the ideas and feelings, and isn’t afraid to talk to someone who may have more experience or wisdom. It presents things in a way that will be accessible for kids, while also being a great springboard for conversation.

There is also a focus on God and Scripture. The characters receive a Bible that they reference, and people discuss God, and His love and work.

There are some very mild shenanigans, and some silly scenes where characters (puppets) may get launched through the air, soar into something, etc. The Slugs & Bugs Show is Dove-approved for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

Entertaining and constructive children’s show is filled with faith, interesting conversations, and clever silliness.

Content Description

Faith: Focus on God’s love, and choosing to “praise the Lord”; strong spiritual lessons and ideas; references to “God’s Word”; a character talks about how they were “…adopted into God’s family.”
Integrity: Good integrity is celebrated and discussed as characters learn and grow; some great conversation starters.
Sex: None
Language: One instance of “Oh my gosh.”
Violence: Some silly and mild puppet tumbling, such as a character accidentally being thrown across a room from an elastic exercise band; some goofy references and lyrics, such as a tiger swallowing someone.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Some mild mischief; though presented in a constructive way, some topics may be emotional.


Company: Right Now Media
Director: Steve Feldman
Genre: Family
Runtime: 22 min.
Reviewer: John P.