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Broken Halos

A former police officer begins experiencing haunting visions and hearing voices he believes to be prayers. He does his best to drown them out, until an unexpected group of new friends helps him hear his own calling.

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After getting wounded and losing his partner during an armed robbery, police officer Matthew Dawson leaves the force. Soon, he begins hearing people’s silent prayers and seeing visions of his dead partner, Isaiah. He drinks alcohol to drown out the voices and visions in his head, which leads to a rocky family life with his wife, Hannah, and daughter, Angel—causing him to move out of their home.

Matthew starts seeing Dr. Bauer, a psychiatrist, to help him with his issues. Unbeknownst to him, the doctor visits Hannah to warn her to keep a safe distance from Matthew because his behavior may turn violent and tries to have him arrested for psychiatric examination.

With little help from Dr. Bauer to silence the voices, Matthew confides in Father Murphy, who advises him to stop drinking and “commit to your thirst for righteousness.” Matthew doesn’t understand what the priest means, so Father Murphy takes him back to the pub, where the robbery took place, so he can discuss his struggles with others who were close to the situation. The bartender, Blondie, suggests Matthew start answering the prayers that he hears in his head. He takes her advice and brings food to a children’s shelter and stops an abusive father from hitting his son.

Helping others seems to calm the voices in Matthew’s head. But his troubles take a turn for the worse when Angel is kidnapped. In his search for his daughter, he realizes the people around him are not as they appear, including Dr. Bauer, which leads Matthew to a life-threatening situation.

Broken Halos will keep your heart pounding until the very end as you follow Matthew’s plight to not only silence the voices but save his daughter. There are several violent scenes throughout the film that are not suitable for children since some lead to death. Other negative elements include some frightening scenes and Matthew’s heavy drinking to try to cope with his issues.

However, there are many faith elements included in the movie. At Isaiah’s funeral, the preacher says, “God does indeed answer prayers, but sometimes the answer is ‘no.’ ” Many people’s silent prayers are heard through Matthew’s thoughts and he answers a couple of them. Isaiah’s badge number was 711, which leads to Matthew and Hannah reading Isaiah 7:11 for inspiration. Matthew prays for the Lord’s guidance in finding his daughter and eventually changes his life for the better. The film demonstrates the advantage of helping others. We also witness Matthew’s spiritual journey to discover his purpose.

Even though the film is a thriller, it focuses on one man’s divine progression to follow the Lord’s leading. Since the movie contains violence and frightening scenes, we are awarding our Dove Seal for the film’s faith elements, but recommend it for ages 18 and above.

Dove Rating Details


Several references to Scripture; a man hears people’s prayers and helps them; others help a man along the way and he prays to the Lord.


People are shot and all but one are killed; a man considers committing suicide; a child is bound and blindfolded; a man is knocked over, punched and hit on the head; a man dies when an object falls on him.


Husband and wife kiss, hold hands and hug; doctor hugs and kisses a woman.




People are shot and all but one are killed; a man considers committing suicide; a child is bound and blindfolded; a man is knocked over, punched and hit on the head; a man dies when an object falls on him.


A man regularly drinks alcohol to drown out voices and hallucinations; patrons drink at a pub; a doctor drinks wine and provides medication.




Several frightening scenes; a man evades police.

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