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Hodge and the Lost Easter Egg

Always in the shadow of his brother the Easter Bunny, Hodge must find a way to recover a powerful egg that holds all the magic of the holiday.

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This lively animated movie features memorable characters, such as Hodge, the little brother of the Easter Bunny, Turk (short for Turkovich), a turkey on a rescue mission, and Count Dracula himself, who is determined to use the magic Easter Egg he has stolen to control the holidays.

As this energetic, colorful movie opens, Hodge says it just seems like it was New Year’s Eve, and “now here we are – spring has sprung!” “Tell me about it, Hodge,” replies Turk. “I’m still stuffed from this past Thanksgiving, and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much in my whole life!” Turk says that the “little punk Cupid” challenged him to a yam eating contest and he says he stuffed down 50 of them to “just shut him up!” The movie features a lot of funny one-liners. Hodge has a great reply: “Technically, I think the yams shut him up.” Turk asks if Cupid gets a little “saltier” every year. “I don’t know, I didn’t taste him!” replies Hodge.

Another humorous moment involves Turk (again) saying he needs to lose weight and get in shape so he can eat a lot again when the holidays return. As he puts it, “If I’m going to sit around and gorge myself on all that food, I’m going to have to get in shape!”

Panic sets in with some when they learn the magic Easter egg is missing, and that there will be no Easter egg hunt until it’s found. It was hidden in Fowlville, but who has swiped it? We soon learn that Count Dracula is behind it! Hodge feels responsible for the loss of the egg and comments that if he doesn’t recover it, “I’ll be considered the most ridiculous rabbit who ever hopped!” Dracula’s counterpart, Frankie (who resembles Frankenstein’s monster), says he loves war, and Dracula wants to blame the situation of the missing egg on “that jolly red nuisance, Santa Claus!”

The Count is obviously jealous of old St. Nick, as he mentions Santa’s minions, “those annoying elves and smelly reindeer who obey his every command!” In another funny moment (this movie abounds in funny moments), Dracula is getting after Frankie for not having a more extensive vocabulary after being alive for a year. Frankie apologizes and explains, “I got hungry and ate my dictionary!” Later Santa recognizes Dracula and says, “You cad!” Then he tells Dracula he has been on his naughty list for years! Dracula tells Santa he really wants to help, and Santa replies, “Bah! Humbug!”

And another delightful moment features a professor giraffe, and Turk tells him that he has a degree in computer science from Fowlville Community College. “Ha!” laughs the professor giraffe. “That’s the 13th grade!”

This imaginative movie features a time machine, and Hodge’s search to track down the missing magic Easter Egg. The viewer is even treated to seeing a T Rex, named “Big T”.

There are some nice themes in the film, such as when Hodge and the Easter Bunny, who had a misunderstanding, forgive each other, and move on. And standing up for one’s own self is a theme too. Dracula declares that Frankie is his “lackey” or servant, and Frankie dumps Dracula, refusing to obey his further commands. The film has earned our Dove seal for All Ages, as it undertakes moral themes in a wholesome manner.

Think About it: The film presents discussion points for parents and their kids, such as discussing the importance of coming together to do something important, such as when several characters pull together to locate the missing magic Easter egg. And a discussion on treating others well can happen, based on the scenes in which we have a contrast, Dracula using Frankie, and then Hodge and the Easter Bunny making peace following a misunderstanding. Perseverance is another key discussion point, as Hodge shows great determination in finally locating the missing egg.

THE DOVE TAKE: Here is a holiday movie that the entire family can enjoy, during a holiday or whenever it’s a good time to watch.

Dove Rating Details


Easter is celebrated but the real meaning of Easter is not examined.


Characters band together to locate a missing egg to help them celebrate the Easter holiday; a character who is called a “lackey” refuses to serve any longer; two characters put a misunderstanding behind them and forgive one another; the importance of education is mentioned as a character speaks of a degree which he had earned.




A character calls Santa, “You jolly, old fool!”; “You unrefined barbarians!”; “Shut up!”-2; “Duh”








Tension between characters; a character selfishly wants to take away the joy of a holiday from other characters; a character has swiped the magic Easter egg.

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