Adventure of the Treasure Boys

Adventure of the Treasure Boys


Brothers Tony and Vinnie live in a small town in Idaho. They grew up hearing stories from their grandfather about “Uncle Davey” and the treasure he supposedly buried in Grandpa’s forest 20 years ago. Armed with a set of clues Uncle Davey left behind, the brothers set out with the help of their friends to find the treasure. Alone in the spooky woods at night, the kids find out the clues are not that simple and soon discover they are not alone. Apparently the Mafia, from whom Uncle Davey won the treasure in a bet, find out and send two Chicago mobsters to collect the long-lost loot. The mobsters think finding it will be an easy job, but Tony and Vinnie aren’t about to let two gangsters steal their Uncle Davey’s gold. While Tony and his girl friends search for the treasure, Vinny and his warriors go to battle using homemade booby traps and surprises to fight the intruders. Will Tony and his girls find the treasure, or will the mobsters defeat the kids and get the treasure?

Dove Review

It’s Vinnie’s birthday. This year, Vinnie, along with his brother Tony, are taking all their friends into the woods to go camping and search for a treasure that their Uncle Davey hid years ago. They heard the story from their grandpa for years. Tony believes he has figured out all the clues, but little do the friends know that other people want that treasure, too.

The group has to wait for the moon to be in the right position. When they discover that two thugs are after them, they figure out a way to look for the treasure and keep the bumbling thugs away. Vinnie and his friends set up booby traps, and Tony and his gang map out the clues to where the treasure may be buried.

Adventure of the Treasure Boys is filled with humorous antics, adventure and, best of all, an exciting treasure hunt. We award this film the Dove-approved Seal for All Ages.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Girl kisses boy on ear
Language: Holy cow pie; What the!; Holy Smokes-2; Dear Lord; Jeez-8; Pigs can fly; Boy mentions that he fell down while going potty; Wussies; OG-1
Violence: It's all of the slapstick variety: Boys shoot stones out of a homemade cannon and hit a truck's windshield; boy hits another in the arm; bad guys follow kids who are riding bikes; kids throw mud balls at thugs; kids shoot sticks at men; kids light fire crackers behind men; boys with plastic guns shoot at men; men are caught in a net and covered with some type of manure; young boy wears a holster with a gun; the following comment: "spank you like a 12-year-old runaway and flog you within an inch of your life"; young boy uses front loader to crush top of car on men.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Boy prays to late Uncle Davey, a light appears and the boy is levitated to a spot a few feet away; boys have a food fight in restaurant; kids camp out with no adults, but the adults are not too far away; young boy uses a welder; young boy drives a front dirt loader and eats a roasted marshmallow off a hot fork; boys place bet on finding the treasure with bad guys' money; children are given whittling knives.


Company: Green Apple Entertainment
Director: Tory Von Wolfe
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 78 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna R.