DVD Release: March 5, 2016


A late night courier boy agrees to pick up the feisty daughter of an important client. The two youngsters form a close connection and spend two nights exploring LA’s local food scene while their romance blossoms.

Dove Review

The reason Cameron (Chris Dihn) is the company’s best driver is not because he loves the job, but because he’s a diligent, honest, hard worker with a heart of serving. A night courier in L.A. who dreams of someday employing his exceptional cooking talent in his own restaurant, Cameron plugs on night after night making people smile as they receive their delivery. A rare skin condition, an allergy to the sun, confines Cameron to the night, and hangs a black cloth on his social life. Things abruptly change when he offers to help Martin (Kelvin Han Yee) a successful business client too busy to pick up his daughter at the airport. Fortunately it’s a night flight. But Jasmine (Julie Zahn) is not too thrilled to find a driver waiting, instead of her father, and proceeds to snub Cameron’s clothes, car and kind gestures. However, patience wins over and Jasmine comes around. Soon the two find interest in the other’s life and when Jasmine’s father disappointingly can’t make it home to welcome her, Cameron introduces her to his favorite places. They share dreams and disappointments, realizing they have a special connection.

Comfort brings us characters with unique conflicts and rewarding reconciliations. Hopes are dulled as Jasmine reveals she is only on a layover, on her way to Japan to teach English. She has hoped to get her father’s approval, but can’t get his attention. Too soon the UV rays begin to creep into their conversation as sunrise threatens, hurling Cameron into a frenzy to get her back fast. Eventually, Jasmine discovers Cameron’s condition, but is not deterred from their relationship, and continues to encourage him to diligently pursue his dream of being a specialty cook. It’s the nudge he needed. In the meantime, Martin, seriously torn between work and daughter, begins looking for Jasmine, sacrificing a major project. Likewise, Cameron knows his new relationship with Jasmine, and confrontation with her father will not be healthy for his job security, yet he confronts Martin on Jasmine’s behalf.

Comfort is a superbly acted and directed film with effectively detailed cinematography. The score guides us through the lives of the characters, subtly and beautifully. Humor is interjected by Eddie (Billy “Sly” Williams), Cameron’s boss. There are a few profanities and unfortunately one taking Jesus’ name in vain. Refreshingly, the couple’s romance is fueled by sincere concern and appreciation for each other. Dove appreciates the film’s uplifting elements, but the language is outside of Dove’s acceptance parameter, so Dove cannot award it approval.

The Dove Take:

Although it contains prohibited language, Comfort offers an inspirational story of mending relationships and sacrificing to see others lifted.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: None
Sex: Man and woman kiss.
Language: Some “ass”, “sh**” words, but more important Jesus’ name taken in vain at one point.
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Production quality is very good.


Company: Cinedigm
Writer: William Lu
Director: William Lu
Genre: Romance
Runtime: 103 min.
Reviewer: Stephanie W.