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Abroad: Finding Faith

This film follows the journey of a Chinese student who comes to study in the United Kingdom. She soon 'adapts' to the culture and enters into many difficulties which effects her study and her emotional outlook. However, this then brings her to an even greater exploration about her very purpose on this planet after befriended and cared for by a group of people from an international church.
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From coursework to cuisine, there’s a seemingly ceaseless amount of things for Michelle to adjust to. Edinburgh is different than her home in China. And there’s new responsibility and independence as she attends university away from her family and friends.

She wants to get good grades. She wants to have a nice relationship with her new boyfriend. But there are other factors: the partying that impacts her studies, and the realization that her new boyfriend may not be trustworthy.

And she begins to have questions about belief and faith.

Home Away From Home is Michelle’s story. It’s about her learning. Her challenges. And it’s very much about her beginning and developing relationship with Jesus Christ. There are wonderfully human moments, with spaces that feel real, beautiful scenery, and people being kind. The Gospel is a major part of the film. Prayers and conversations seek to communicate the Gospel and salvation.

Michelle’s journey to faith is not always easy. With her new independence, she starts down a road of unhealthy drinking and partying. Viewers should be aware of these portrayals and themes, and decide if it’s best for them and their families. While the portrayals may be strong (tons of drinking as aggressive music blares, characters saying “down it,”) it’s never shown as positive or healthy. And attention is paid to the negative side effects (vomiting, having to be carried out, negative impact on school). Importantly, Home Away From Home shows that Michelle moves away from these toxic choices, and matures as a healthy, positive, and independent Christian woman.

If viewers are prepared for some depictions of drinking and partying, as well as an unfaithful boyfriend and flirting, Home Away From Home is positive and strives to communicate the Gospel.

Home Away From Home is Dove-approved Ages 12+.

The Dove Take:

Drama about a Chinese student’s life and faith as she studies in Scotland promotes the Gospel, and has some strong drinking.

Dove Rating Details


Strong, clear, and intentional presentation of Christianity, and the lead character’s journey to belief in Jesus.


A man tries to hit a man; a portrayal of self defense to stop violence.


A man flirts with a woman, touching his hand below her waist; a character learns that her boyfriend is not committed to her.




A man tries to hit a man; a portrayal of self defense to stop violence.


Drinking and partying is a major theme, with characters discussing it, getting drunk, saying “down it,” getting sick, and having to be carried out. However, none of it is presented as positive or healthy, and the lead character’s journey leads her away from it; talk of painkillers.


A form-fitting dress; short shorts.


A character learns that the man she’s interested in is not committed to her; vomiting.

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