Prop Culture

DVD Release: May 1, 2020
Prop Culture


Discover the beloved artifacts behind some of your favorite Disney films in Prop Culture, an Original Series.

Dove Review

Editor’s Note: Prop Culture is an episodic show. The review below is based on the pilot episode and episode six.

You have those who enjoy Disney films and the occasional trip to Disney World. Then there are those who book Disney cruises and Flash Passes to all parks on the regular. But you also have those people, the ones who travel all over the country hunting down priceless Disney props from some of the most iconic, infamous Disney films.

Dan Lanigan, producer and host of Disney+’s new show Prop Culture, has created eight episodes that feature the history and behind-the-scenes sneak peaks of some of the most beloved Disney films, like Marry Poppins, The Chronicles of Narnia, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more. He travels all over the country, meeting with Disney archives specialists, sculptors and designers, choreographers, cast members, and collectors to gain as much knowledge and access to Disney relics as possible.

The Mary Poppins pilot episode follows Dan Lanigan up and down the California coast as he meets with Choreographer Dee Dee Wood, Music Composure Richard Sherman, and Actress Karen Dotrice and discovers old props like the chimney sweep broom, penguin props, and character Jane Banks’ old costume. These timeless pieces create wonderful conversation between Lanigan and cast and crew members as they reminisce on their personal experiences with Walt and share their most memorable experiences on set.

Episode Six, The Chronicles of Narnia, takes Lanigan back and forth across the country as he gathers original costumes and weapons from Disney collectors and WETA Workshop Cofounder and Creative Director Sir Richard Taylor to surprise the the actors who played Peter, Susan, and Lucy in the film. All grown up now, they had a wonderful time walking Lanigan through their favorite scenes and off-set jokes. Lanigan was also able to located some of the original head pieces from Aslan and other creatures in the movie.

Disney fanatics, history buffs, antique collectors, movie junkies, and nostalgia cravers–a.k.a. everyone,– this show was made with you in mind. It’s a clean, family-friendly series that brings fresh life into the morals and values that Walt Disney instilled within the Disney brand. Young and old, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the timeless Prop Culture.

A few flashbacks to The Chronicles of Narnia war scenes are scattered throughout the episode, though gore and violence aren’t seen. Lanigan visits a Comic-con fair where a few people are dressed in more revealing costumes–but nothing outlandish. With these mild elements overpowered by Walt Disney’s love for family and friends, we award this series Dove-approval for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

Disney fanatics, history buffs, antique collectors, movie junkies, and nostalgia cravers — a.k.a. everyone — this show was made with you in mind.

Content Description

Faith: Richard Sherman makes several references to God: "God knows I can't do that anymore," and references something that was "handed down from heaven."
Integrity: Walt Disney themes of family and friends
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: A few quick clips from The Chronicles of Narnia reference the battle scene
Drugs: Lucy's healing potion bottle from The Chronicles of Narnia is featured.
Nudity: Lanigan visits a Comic-con fair where a few people are dressed in more revealing costumes.
Other: A few scary flashbacks in The Chronicles of Narnia


Company: Disney+
Director: Jason C. Henry
Producer: Dan Lanigan
Genre: Documentary
Reviewer: Peyton G.