DVD Release: September 20, 2002


Sam, a very uptight, ultra-organized idealist, knows what he wants in life until he meets Charly, a beautiful and feisty New Yorker who turns his orderly world upside down and inside out. Individual differences draw them together in ways neither expected, but learning to overcome those differences threatens to pull them apart… forever. Sam must fight for a girl he never thought he could love. Charly must fight for a life that she never knew she could have. Together they experience a journey that few imagine, a journey of life, joy and sacrifice that will ultimately bring them to a profound love.

Dove Review

**This review is contributed by Super Channel—a channel dedicated to providing integrity and accountability in today’s entertainment.

This is a beautiful movie with a faith-based theme, not just about God but about faith in oneself, and just how living an honest life can bring peace and clarity. Charly, a free spirit who shocks people with her unconventional ways and unruly behavior, finds a true direction when she is reluctantly exposed to faith and prayer. She attempts to read the Bible and is intrigued as she attends church, meets all the people, watches the kids at Sunday school. Still confused and questioning the Christian faith, she slowly starts to understand the reasons why God and Christianity are important.

She seeks the Christian faith in a variety of places, including an art gallery displaying many religious paintings—orchestral music plays as she walks through the gallery solemnly taking in the meaning of each beautiful painting, stopping at the crucifixion and tears well up in her eyes as she stares at Jesus on the cross. She is at peace and reflecting.

The Christian faith leads her to believe in love, and she finds it in quiet, kind, Sam. However, when Charly is diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, Sam begins to question his own devotion… is faith only good for Bible stories and fairytales, and when it really counts, what good does it do? Maybe it’s his fault. Maybe he needs more faith. All of Sam’s faith and trust in God could not save her and he has to come to terms with that.

Sam learns that to have true faith in God, he must let Charly go and trust her healing, whether in life or death, to Jesus.

The Dove Take:

Hardships leave room for everyone to wrestle through their faith, but this film depicts the struggle through comfort, peace, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Content Description

Faith: grandma is happily convinced Sam is working towards making Charly the newest member of the church; tender moments as Sam and Charly talk about belief in God; coming to slow conclusions about religion. Religious art gallery with many beautiful religious paintings including Jesus on the cross shown full frame.  Several mentions of God and prayer throughout;
Integrity: Free-spirited Charly sees a different way of life and peace through the Mormon faith and changes her careless ways all for her own betterment; Sam never falters from being a caring guide through Charly’s transformation;
Sex: woman asks man “are you hot?” sexually; sexual inuendoes “you mean when I’m alone with you?” These scenes are brief and do not lead to anything more than verbal expressions; gentle kissing;
Language: None
Violence: Sam gets man-handled by two security guards that throw him out of Charly’s apartment; Sam has an outburst of rage spurred by the agony of losing his wife to cancer, but does not hurt or attack anyone
Drugs: champagne being served at an art gallery event; no abuse of alcohol
Nudity: art class – there is a nude, implied only… camera shot is such that her body is hidden by artists’ canvases except for her face, arms and leg


Company: Cinergy Films
Writer: Jack Weyland (novel), Janine Whetten Gilbert (screenplay)
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 103 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Carole H.