God, You Make Me Feel Special

God, You Make Me Feel Special


God, you make me feel special because you knew me from the beginning. Even before my birthday! I knew you before you were born and I couldn’t wait for you to be here!

With inspiration from Jeremiah 1:5, God, You Make Me Feel Special is the first in the God, You Make Me Feel … series of sweet conversations between children and God. In candid, grateful expressions of how God makes them feel, children hear whispers from scripture confirming His abundant love for them.

With colorful pictures and fun prose, God, You Make Me Feel Special is a wonderful way to connect a child to the greatest source of love beyond yours: their Heavenly Father.

Dove Review

God, You Make Me Feel Special is the first of a three-part children’s board book series, God, You Make Me Feel … , that celebrates the beautiful, emotional relationship between God and children.

It’s no secret that children are crazy about their birthday! It’s a 365-day countdown that’s always on repeat, and author Katie Kenny Phillips uses this creative approach, including a special sloth character, as a parallel to illustrate to children that God knew they were special, even before they ever had a birthday!

Each turn of the board book page provides vibrant illustrations, affirming encouragement, and a Scripture verse, which offers room for conversation between parent and child. God, You Make Me Feel Special is the perfect bedtime read, with fun, easy-to-understand expressions of God’s love that are relatable to parent and child.

This wholesome, family-friendly children’s book is Dove-approved for All Ages.

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The Dove Take:

God, You Make Me Feel Special is the first of a three-part book series that uses beautiful illustrations, birthday cake, and a fan-favorite sloth to relay to children just how special they are in God’s eyes.

Content Description

Faith: Singular theme of God's unending love for children
Violence: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: iDisciple Publishing
Genre: Children
Reviewer: Peyton G.