The Baby Proposal

The Baby Proposal


Layla Bennett has it all figured out—her own place, a thriving career and a loving fiancé. She co-hosts morning show Wake Up, Chicago! alongside her charming but sometimes irritating colleague Derrick Dray. They have different working styles. She likes to be spontaneous and improvise on air, while he’s more of a stick-to-the-script guy. When they’re given the bombshell of caring for a baby together, it’s their worst nightmare …

Dove Review

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Layla and Derrick are sweet to each other while on air hosting their morning TV show, but behind the scenes, not so nice. She wants spontaneity and to bring people optimism and hope and create happiness but he can’t get out of doing things the “old way”… no fun, just a boring predicable script. They are warned … stop your bickering and get along.

When they find a baby in a basket in the dressing room with a note attached saying there is no better “couple” who could take care of the little motherless child, Derrick and Layla must find a way to fit little Poppy into their day AND night lives while competing for the coveted big market “DayVue” host position in Los Angeles. But as they juggle night feeds and nap times, they can’t deny the growing chemistry. Is this unexpected arrival all they needed to realize where they were meant to be?

This is a delightful movie for the entire family, and little Poppy is adorable! The ending is only slightly predictable and getting there is much more than half the fun! Be prepared for a twist at the end when Layla goes against all she has worked for and makes an unexpected decision that leads to an incredible result neither she nor Derrick could ever have predicted … and a most happy life for Poppy, too.

The Dove Take:

Unexpected circumstances that seem insurmountable, can bring out the true good character of the most unlikely people when faced with having to make tough decisions that will benefit everyone.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: None
Sex: Gentle kissing and hugging; reference to a good spa facial mask is like high-quality sex.
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: Wine in glasses but no consumption; reference to a honey bourbon cocoa in a cooking show
Nudity: Woman wears a short dress with slight cleavage
Other: Reference to baby’s mom dying; Layla talks about her parents always fighting when she was a kid; Derrick admits he had a speech impediment and was bullied as a child.


Company: Nina Holiday Entertainment
Director: Ryan Richmond
Genre: Romance
Runtime: 90 min.
Reviewer: Carole H.