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Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie’s Christmas Miracle

Maggie tries to maintain the balance of being a mother and having a career. When her son, Jordan, needs help at school, he meets Casey, a tutor, and the two quickly bond. As Casey becomes a father figure, Jordan wishes his mom could find love again.

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Based on Karen Kingsbury’s book, Maggie’s Miracle, this seems like a predictable movie at the start, but there is a delightful surprise at the end. Jill Wagner plays a determined and controlling Maggie with believable conviction, and Luke McFarlane is the nice guy, Casey, who is so easy to care about. Jordan (Lauren Guci) is Maggie’s son, who only wants his mom to be happy at Christmas time and writes a sweet letter to God asking for His help. As they all get to know each other, the atmosphere changes from caution and mistrust to one of hope and healing of painful pasts, to bringing family together through a little boy’s trust in God.

It’s 1997, Lake Tahoe, and 13-year-old Maggie and first love Kade are so happy. The excitement of Christmas Eve is suddenly shattered when devastated Mom tells teenage Maggie her father has left them.

Twenty years later in Westchester, NY… Single mom Maggie, a lawyer, juggles her career and taking care of her son, Jordan, of whom she is very protective. Teacher says he’s a smart boy, but not living up to his potential and they should consider a tutor. His math test had no questions answered, but clearly a stick drawing of a man, a woman, and a boy on the page. Maggie says, “No, Dad is not coming home for Christmas.” Jordan writes God a letter, asking, “Can you make my Mom happy?” Maggie tells her mom that the last time she was truly happy was when she was 13 years old and the magical time spent at Lake Tahoe.

Maggie hires Casey, a tutor, who runs a coffee shop and pop-up Christmas gift store. Casey and Jordan bond immediately. Maggie’s mom is encouraging her to let love in and not close herself off, but Maggie remains elusive and cautious and is not about to trust anyone. Christmas is NOT her favorite time of year — Jordan’s dad left them at Christmas, too, and no one will ever hurt Jordan or her like that again.

As Casey’s feelings grow, he must come to terms with the memory of his wife overshadowing his chances for happiness. Maggie must also choose between a mediocre life and one filled with taking a chance on love. When Casey suddenly realizes who Maggie really is and shares Jordan’s letter to God with her, will Maggie be convinced that miracles do happen at Christmas?

This movie will not disappoint with beautiful Christmas scenery, music, and set decoration. A great movie to watch with your entire family, from kids to grandparents, and it’s Dove-approved for All Ages!

The Dove Take:

This is an adorable Hallmark movie, charming and heartwarming, as a little boy writes his letter to God with wishes for his mom’s happiness.

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Christian Christmas; belief in angels; belief in God even though not visible; young Jordan writes a letter to God and adds his wishes and questions in several scenes; religious Christmas carols sung; talk of faith; God mentioned in reverence several times.




Gentle kissing and hugging.










Talk of divorce with sadness.

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